The UK rejects Christmas relief advice

LONDON (AP) – No need for max.

This is the new Christmas message spread by the leaders of the four nations of the UK on Wednesday after giving tougher advice on what people should do during the holiday season.

Last month, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland agreed to allow a maximum of three households to mix between 23 December and 27 December, regardless of local restrictions.

But after a sharp jump in new infections – another 25,161 were registered on Wednesday, the highest since Nov. 14 – families are being asked to see the rules as their external borders.

“I wish you a Merry Christmas and I’m afraid I understand little this year,” British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said at a news conference. “I want to emphasize that these are maximums, not goals.”

His comments echo the comments of other leaders, although Wales says it is legislating to limit the bubbles to two households.

Johnson said it would be “inhumane” to ban Christmas, but in light of the “worrying” rise in new infections in some parts of the country, people need to think carefully about what to do. He says anyone who plans to meet others during relief, for example, should start restricting relationships from Friday.

Professor Chris Whitty, the government’s chief physician, said the council was similar to speed limits in icy conditions.

“Just because you know it doesn’t mean it should,” he said.

Concerns about the planned mitigation have grown in recent days. As new infections rise in many places, many fear that rest will only lead to further death. On Wednesday, the UK registered another 612 COVID-related deaths, for a total of 65,520 – Europe is the second highest after Italy.

The turmoil surrounding the planned easing was exacerbated by the fact that restrictions were tightened in many parts of the country during the week. On Wednesday, London and nearby areas entered the highest level of local restrictions in England – Tier 3 – where pubs and restaurants had to close again in addition to closing and new sidewalks were placed for various gathering households.

Johnson also said the elderly and the most vulnerable should be vaccinated by early 2021. The UK is introducing a vaccine developed by Pfizer in the US and BioNTech in Germany after it became the first country in the world to authorize it on 8 December.

Other vaccines developed by the US company Biotechnology Moderna, as well as the University of Oxford and the British pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, are currently being evaluated by UK regulators.

Britain’s new vaccination minister, Nadhim Zahawi, said on Wednesday that 137,897 people had been shot since vaccinations began. They must return for a subsequent shot within all three weeks.

The government, which has so far provided vaccination mainly in hospitals, is first targeting people working in nursing homes and people over the age of 80. Residents of the nurses ’home are still being vaccinated after questions about the transport of the vaccine are needed. should be kept at a super cold temperature.

Despite the update, the question still remains as to how many people can be vaccinated that day and what percentage of people offered to be vaccinated will take the shot.

To date, 800,000 doses of Pfizer vaccine are available in the UK and an additional 5 million are expected to arrive this year, half of what was originally expected.

“With the vaccination and all the other measures we take, we know the situation will be better in this country for Easter,” Johnson said. “And I’m sure next year Christmas will be in the usual way for every family in the country.


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