The video shows the deputy running over the fleeing black man in the Kansas field

BELLE PLAINE, Kan. (AP) – The dashcam video captured a horrible scene: a deputy sheriff from Kansas mowed a black man in a patrol truck who ran naked in a field in the summer darkness after fleeing a traffic stop.

Lionel Womack – a 35-year-old former police detective from Kansas City, Kansas – claims he was seriously injured in a lawsuit filed on Thursday when Kiowa County Deputy Sheriff Jeremy Rodriguez deliberately drove through him during a Aug. 15 meeting.

In a statement, Womack said he was not racing and was under no influence when he was originally pulled over. Your license, insurance and registration were up to date.

“When the first officer turned on his light, I pulled over and did it … exactly as it should.” But when three more vehicles quickly pulled up and began to surround my car, I was upset. That’s when I set off, “the fight or escape” was the moment and I’m going to live, ”he said. “I felt like I was in danger. It was out in the country late at night and it was dark. So I ran for my life. You see this in the dashcam video. I run outdoors and I’m scared. “

In an excessive violent lawsuit filed on Thursday, Lionel Womack claims that serious ...
Lionel Womack in an overly violent lawsuit on Thursday claims he suffered serious injuries when Kiowa County deputy sheriff Jeremy Rodriguez deliberately drove through him during a Aug. 15 meeting.(Source: Photo courtesy of Lionel Womack via AP)

The graphic video is the essence of a federal civil lawsuit filed by attorney Michael Kuckelman against a deputy in the U.S. District Court for Kansas. The lawsuit alleges that Rodriguez used excessive force and was “insensitively indifferent” to Womack’s civil rights.

Womack left police in early August in hopes of expanding his own security business. He was on his way home from his California business trip when an officer from the Kansas Highway Patrol launched a prosecution in Western Kansas for an “alleged traffic violation” according to the lawsuit. Deputy sheriffs from Pratt County and Kiowa County joined the persecution.

The car chase finally ended on a dirt road and Womack set off on foot in a nearby farm field.

The dashcam recordings of the pratt county sheriff’s deputy show that Rodriguez caught up with the unarmed Womack in his patrol car.

Rodriguez turns his truck to hit Womack, pounding him on the ground and running over him. Womack rolls out from under the truck, his arms and legs flying around the ground while someone in the video shouts, “lie down, lie down”. One of the deputies of the second patrol truck can hear him say an explosive word while watching what happened.

In a lawsuit, Womack claims to have suffered severe injuries to his back, pelvis and thighs, as well as his right knee, ankle and leg.

“The dashcam video is distracting,” Kuckelman said. “It’s impossible to watch a video of a deputy feeling overwhelmed driving his truck over Mr. Womack.” Mr. Womack had nowhere to go. It was open terrain and trapped, yet the MP drove his truck through it.

Neither the Kiowa County Sheriff, Chris Tedder, nor his attorney responded to the Associated Press’s remarks. No one explained why Rodriguez chose to overthrow Womack. The species of the representative is not clear.

Kuckelman personally and in a letter urged Tedder to remove Rodriguez, and the sheriff refused. Rodriguez is still patrolling. Kuckelman also wants Rodriguez to be charged with a crime and accused the sheriff of concealing the MP’s conduct.

Four months later, Womack is still being held in prison for attempting to commit a crime from a law enforcement officer who continued with reckless leadership and the intervention of a law enforcement officer. Court records show that he has also been reported for a number of offenses, including failure to drive in the right lane on the four-lane highway, incorrect signaling and driving without headlights.

Zee Womack said her husband is still in jail for an extradition request independent of Oklahoma. Online court records show that Lionel Womack was charged in Texas, Oklahoma while endangering others, while on Aug. 12, just days before meeting with law enforcement officers in Kansas, others were endangered or tried to evade police.

Womack was reportedly arrested by a police officer in Tyrone, less than five miles south of the Kansas state line.

Womack comes from a law enforcement family. His wife and mother are police officers in Kansas City (Kansas Police Department). His stepfather retired from police work as a major. Two aunts police dispatchers.

Zee Womack watched for the first time on Wednesday the video in which her husband was run over and played it back four times as she struggled to understand why the deputy felt justified in using such force. Her husband is lucky to be alive, ”she said.

“I’m a cop too, and I especially feel like it’s a very hard time now to be a cop. I don’t think we always get the support, it can be helpful in this occupation. ”He said shortly after watching the video. “And it’s a lot harder to be an officer.”

An officer who is able to make such decisions should not have a badge, he said.

“For me, this showed an obvious disregard for human life,” he said. Zee Womack filed a federal lawsuit last year for “raging racism and sexism” at the Kansas Police Department in Kansas City.

In a statement, Lionel Womack said most police officers are good and believe in the “blue fraternity”.

“But we need to hold policemen accountable when they cross the border,” he said. “These rogue law enforcement officials give a bad name to good officers and we have to stop them. I never thought I would one day be a victim of excessive violence by a fellow law enforcement officer. He could have easily killed me.

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