The Viking Kicker has a nightmare day, missing four little ones

Dan Bailey of the Minnesota Vikings kick had a bad day. Well, it’s actually underselling.

Bailey had a historically bad day, days the kicks see in their worst nightmares, and hope will never, ever come true.

The Vikings lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday and Bailey could not kick. Not one in the whole game.

Dan Bailey was unable to score FGs and extra points

He started the first quarter when he missed an extra point. Then he missed a 36-yard field goal in the second quarter, followed by a biff on a 54-yard field.

In the third quarter, Bailey received a deferral when the Vikings went into a two-point conversion after a touch. But then he missed a 46-yard field goal.

How bad was Bailey’s day? No one has tried so many kicks yet without having committed one since 1961.

Vikings coach Mike Zimmer evaluates raw

Bailey’s day was historically bad, but there were games that had more missing. Mason Crosby of the Green Bay Packers missed four field goals and an extra point in 2018, and Cole Ford of the Oakland Raiders in 1997. Crosby and Ford managed to take at least one kick in these matches.

The Vikings lost 26-14, so those 10 points would not have won them the game. It would have made it much closer and more competitive. Head coach Mike Zimmer made a rather dull statement about Bailey’s future after the game.

Hopefully Bailey’s teammates will give him plenty of confidence-building remarks and commemorations because he needs them. Bailey, one of the most accurate kicks in NFL history (currently sixth on the overall list of field goal percentage totals), has kicked seven out of nine in the past two games.

With the 6-7 Vikings on the playoff bubble, this is the worst time for Bailey to melt.

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA - DECEMBER 06: Dan Bailey, 5th of the Minnesota Vikings, kicked the game's winning field, giving the Vikings an 27-24 overtime against the Jacksonville Jaguars at US Bank Stadium on December 6, 2020 in Minneapota. In Minnesota.  (Photo: Hannah Foslien / Getty Images)
Dan Bailey, the kick of the Vikings, spent a terrible day against the Buccaneers. (Photo: Hannah Foslien / Getty Images)

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