The Washington national football team runs a variation on the fumblerooski game “Little Puerto Rico” played by the little giants against the Dallas Cowboys

The Washington national football team destroyed the Dallas Cowboys for 41-16 on Thanksgiving Day, which is always fun. What was even nicer was that WFT’s offensive coordinator Scott Turner ran tricks during the game that were inspired by the cult classic film, Little Giants, Starring Rick Moranis and Ed O’Neill. I am serious.

While the game didn’t result in a touchdown, it gave Washington priority and everyone’s respect was enjoyed on TV at home.


It needs to be watched closely, but WFT quarterback Alex Smith gets the football out of the center and then puts it forward between JD McKissic’s legs. Smith runs to the right of the field, while McKissic runs to the opposite.

Here is a closer look. This brilliant.

After the game, Rivera confirmed that the play was inspired by the 1994 film and probably watched the films “a hundred times” because of her children.

It wasn’t the first time Rivera had run fumblerooks as well. The team made contact with Houston in the first year as head coach of the Carolina Panthers.

With the win, WFT took first place in the incredibly awful NFC East.

Alex Smith has been the only quarterback since the retirement of Joe Gibbs to have a winning record.

Snapshot courtesy of FOX Sports