The Wawa brawl video in South Florida becomes a virus

LAUDERHILL, Fla. “Fighters in Wawa, South Florida, roamed far more than knuckles,” one of the men’s pants fell to his knees.

The man video footage of the action and the colorful commentary that made it viral tells Local 10 News that he did so in an attempt to shed light on the situation so that the men would stop fighting.

They’re not.

None of the men were injured, and we learned that the fight around 2 a.m. Monday began when one man opened the door for the others – and the other man did not appreciate it.

Late Tuesday afternoon video of the brawl on Twitter Darien Rollins, a Wawa customer, had more than 3.6 million views on the social media platform.

All the fistfights took place near the first record of a Wawa in Lauderhill.

You can see a store employee trying to separate the men before he also fell to the ground.

Rollins, the man who recorded the brawl on his cell phone, tells Local 10 News that he went into the store just after he recorded his late-night podcast.

He also provided the commentary that made the video so popular on social media.

Among Rollins ’remarks,“ Take him to heaven. Top chicken box. Put on your pants, fam.

Rollins can also be heard trying to play a mediator.

“It’s 2 a.m. Let it go. That’s all you have to do, “he said.

But the fight continued, the men fell to the ground again.

“By then, I was trying to spread because it wasn’t really a fight,” Rollins said in an interview with Local 10 on Tuesday. “They just kind of hugged each other because his pants were lowered and it was embarrassing, so I was like guys could end him now.

When the Lauderhill police arrived, one of the men was seen running out the front door. That’s when Rollins found out why the men started the fight.

“He held the door for the other guy and the other guy didn’t appreciate it,” Rollins said. – He didn’t feel it. He told her to never hold the door for me. I don’t need help.

Lauderhill police said they had indeed responded to the quarrel and both men denied prosecution.

As for Wawa, they were simply asked that the men not return.

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