The White House has held several grace rallies since the election

Discussions include a list of potential pardon cases to consider and ideas on who else should be involved. White House officials such as Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, have been considered, but a White House adviser is chairing the meetings, one source said.

While such meetings are not uncommon and previous presidents have given grace to the trip, the president’s past grace to allies such as Michael Flynn and Roger Stone, as well as possible preventive grace considerations for his family, add an extra dimension.

According to sources, the Trump White House will also act quickly if the president makes a decision, sometimes without the involvement of the Department of Justice.

The White House declined to comment when CNN approached it.

Three sources familiar with the situation told CNN that Kushner had not personally been involved in seeking pardon for his crime from his own father, Charles Kushner, but two sources said outside the criminal justice groups that had collaborated with Jared Kushner in the past. they turned to the White House to consider grace.

According to one source, Kushner would like one, and it is so obvious that there is no need to discuss it because the president is aware of it.

In 2004, Charles Kushner pleaded guilty to tax evasion in 16 crimes, one for retaliating against a federal witness — his brother-in-law — and the other for lying to the federal election commission.
CNN had previously reported that his colleagues in Trump’s career, including his personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, had approached the president to seek preventive pardon. The president also spoke to counselors that they had previously pardoned several nearby people, including his children and Jared Kushner.

The president told advisers he felt he and his family had been unfairly targeted and expressed concern about continuing legal activity under the Biden Department of Justice. Lawyers and the president’s allies are lobbying for grace, from personal clients to the people elected by Vice President Kamala Harris behind bars, according to several people. He was a public prosecutor, and the pardon only applies to federal crimes.

CNN reported on Wednesday that the public should expect a “rebellion” of graces before Trump leaves office, a source close to the White House said, as happened at the end of previous administrations.

This source, who is familiar with the discussions on this, told CNN that some of the president’s advisers believe it would be perfectly appropriate for Trump to pardon his family members and other co-workers in advance, even though they have not been charged with crimes.

CNN Jim Acosta contributed to the report.