The winter storm is over, but the temp will remain cold for the next few days


MA: Prolonged snow and showers this morning, then clouds burst into a little sunshine this afternoon. High: 33

MA: Mostly cloudy and cold. Low: 16

FRIDAY: With a mixture of cold clouds and sunshine. High: 32 Low: 9


Overnight, the snowbreaks and tinny rain also disappeared. We noticed it one last time before dry air raced into the storm.

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The heart of the Interstate 78 corridor seemed to be between 8 and 12 inches of total snowfall, while those in the northern Poconos and northwestern New Jersey saw their feet or a little more. In total, it has fallen back in the 4-8-inch range, generally appearing to be heading south in Bucks and Montgomery counties, all the way to the line between Trenton and Philly. The amount dropped drastically to just one or two inches of coating after it got to I-95 and south and east. This is largely due to it turning to rain for a while.

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There are only a few storms visible this morning.

Even though we still see a little day today, it stays cool because of the wind. Be careful when passing a flat field as the wind blows fresh, fluffy snow onto the roadway, which can make it slippery.

The wind ends tonight and then cools down. Under the clear skies, the temperature falls among the teenagers.

We are 32 years old, sunny on Friday. At least there is no wind cooling.

But it will be very cold on Friday night. Let’s get into the one-digit!



There will be some storms this morning as our coastal storm drags on. The strong northerly wind continues for a while, but gradually decreases as our storm gets farther and farther away. It’s a cold day, so don’t expect a lot of melting, even if the day may show up for a few days off later. The highest temperatures will only be in the low 30s, the cold is below freezing all day. The low points fall into the teens overnight, with clear skies and deep snow bags.

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High pressure builds up, winds slow down, and seasonally cold air settles through the start of the weekend. Don’t expect the snow to melt so fast, afternoon peaks from the mid to mid 30s, night lows in the deep to teens, and even some digits appear on Friday night, clear skies, light winds and deep snow thanks cover. On Sunday, a weak cold front is approaching from the west as the clouds rise. We get a touch warmer before the start as the highest levels get close to 40 degrees in the top 30s … more seasonal at this time of year. The front can bring rain or snow late in the day or night, but at this time we don’t expect that to be a big deal.