The Wisconsin Air National Guard F-16 crashes in Michigan

The Wisconsin Air National Guard fighter crashed in Michigan’s upper peninsula on Tuesday night, and authorities said they had not yet found their pilot.

The F-16 aircraft was part of the 115th fighter wing of the Truax Field Air Generation Base in Madison, Wisconsin National Air Guard, according to their website, which confirmed the crash.

“The 115th Hunting Wing was involved in a day-to-day coordinated search effort with local disaster relief, the U.S. Coast Guard and other government agencies,” the 115th Army wrote Wednesday morning. “Research and rescue efforts on land, air and water will continue.”

The 115th fighter wing said a pilot on board had completed a routine training mission and crashed at about 8 p.m. in Delta County, Michigan.

“We’re a close family, and when an event like this happens, every member of our organization feels it.” said Colonel Bart Van Roo, commander of the 115th Fighter Wing, in a statement posted on the 115th Fighter Wing website.

“Pilot safety and search and rescue efforts are paramount and we continue to pray for the safe return of the pilot.”

The 115th Hunter Wing did not respond immediately to NBC News’ request for comment.

NBC’s subsidiary, WLUC, reported that local emergency responders initially sought the pilot, but dark conditions and poor cell service in the countryside hampered night-time communication efforts.