The Xbox Series S runs high-performance PlayStation 2 games with emulation

The Xbox Series S seems to have very few problems running multiple high-performance PlayStation 2 games through emulation.

The new video, shared by Modern Vintage Gamer, showcases a number of PlayStation 2 games such as Jak and Daxter, Silent Hill 2, Okami, God Hand and Klonoa, which run nicely on the new console under Developer Mode.

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The emulation scene is moving fast. In this episode, we test your PS2 games running in Developer Mode on Xbox Series S.

The Xbox Series S, and even the Series X, as Developer Mode is available on both consoles, looks like an amazing emulation machine. Last week, Modern Vintage Gamer shared another video showcasing Nintendo GameCube and Wii games, running smoothly on the console via RetroArch emulation.

The Xbox Series S was released earlier this month. A cheaper console may not be the best choice for enjoying next-generation games, but it’s a great choice for those with a large digital library and an active Xbox Game Pass subscription.

If your entertainment center has a more modest TV or monitor up to 40 “and you just want to play your digital game library, in addition to coming with features like Game Pass in the future, the Series S only makes sense. It will still play all the games you want and you won’t even notice the visual differences on a smaller screen.If you’re looking for a way to play Game Pass titles, rarely much more, then the S Series is the perfect choice for you and at the current price it I predict we will see a lot more people entering the Xbox ecosystem this generation with the S Series.

The Xbox Series S is now available worldwide.