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The youngest victim of Alabama tornado was a "little angel"

Armando Hernandez, 6, was one of at least three children killed by tornadoes.

Armando Hernandez, six years old who died on Sunday in Lee County, Sara Crisp's family member told CNN. The authorities reported two other children among the 23 confirmed deaths.

The EF-4 tornado brought 170 mph and then left a mile wide between the storms.

Armando's mother filed a social media right for people to help find the boy, under the name of AJ, after a storm shot through Lee County.

"Anyone in the neighborhood, please help me find it!" Kayla Melton wrote.

But within a few hours, AJ's aunt, Tina Melton, posted on Facebook that she didn't survive. The family also lost their homes.

"There was a little angel from God, and God wanted him back. He was a precious little man everyone loved. You lack your little smile and sweet voice and face," Tina Melton wrote. She always hugged her and loved her family.

Tina Melton brought sorrow to the family.

"It will be a ruined road, but we will continue to hold our faith and trust in God," he wrote. "God please hold a little AJ until we see him again. Be tall AJ. You have your wings."

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