There will be no public hearing at the Michigan House announced by the Trump campaign

LANSING, Michigan (WXYZ) – The Trump administration announced Tuesday that a public hearing will be held with the Michigan legislature on Dec. 1 to discuss the Nov. 3 election. According to the communications adviser to members of the Republican House of Representatives, this is not true.

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In a Trump campaign press release, he said lawmakers in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Arizona are holding public hearings “in order to gain confidence that all legal votes were counted and illegal votes were not counted in the Nov. 3 election. “

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“We are pleased that Pennsylvania, Arizona and Michigan state legislators are convening hearings to investigate the November 3 presidential election,” said Jenna Ellis, senior legal counsel for Trump’s campaign and President Donald J. Trump’s legal counsel. “Serious irregularities have occurred, we have evidence of fraud in many states, and it is important for all Americans to believe in our election process. From the very beginning, we wanted to count all legal votes and let go of all illegal votes.

Denny Schwarze, a communications adviser to members of the Republican House of Representatives, did not provide further details on the need for public hearings.

Since the November presidential election, the Trump campaign has tried to take legal action against the outcome. However, these attempts were shot by the judges or even canceled by the campaign. President Trump still has to let President-elect Joe Biden.