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They can be kids, they want to save the environment, and they still resist the Green New Deal

Rintact. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y. Gives a new name to its ridiculous disaster protection. Last weekend, on Instagram Live, the MEP questioned whether children are moral in a world that is terribly affected by climate change.

"Our planet will face a disaster if we do not turn this ship off," he said. “Children's lives will be very difficult and I think that for young people to have a legitimate question. Do you know if our children are well? "Ocasio-Cortez further develops that this concern is more than a child's material aspect, but" only this fundamental moral issue as we do? "

Fortunately, Ocasio-Cortez couldn't tell if my husband and I were acceptable to start our own family.

I confess that they are concerned before deciding on children. In the summer of 2016, on the road to presidential elections, I saw a new lie in my country, which did not increase enthusiasm for the future. (Thank you for not knowing that it was just the tip of the iceberg in the summer of 2016.) I was worried about finances, especially because I wanted to stay in the age of two months of parenting. But what kept me at night, the thoughts of the planet, which my successor would inherit, about many terrible future.

Finally, I realized that my child's concern is nothing new. People seem to have a profession before committing a credible disaster. But as a student of history, I know that the race has endured the worst and hopeless times.

When my husband and I decided to have our child, I believe that it is the ultimate presentation of future hope.

My husband and daughter leading up to the birth of our daughter and I looked at the world as it was and we thought about the world we wanted for our child. We have made a lot of difficult decisions to give it the best possible future. Some of these decisions were based solely on monetary concerns, such as when we were confronted with our finances and gave up extras to earn money for future education. Others, though having a monetary component, were respected for the planet, such as throwing clothes in diapers. Based on advice from conservative mothers, I bought many of my daughter's toys and bought only half a dozen clothes in the stores I used. When he started consuming solids, the food from scratch was bulk to eliminate excess plastic waste.

The government did not force them to make these elections. I did these things and continued them because my husband and I decided to be right for our family, our child, and the environment.

Many of these options require more hours of extra work each week. I welcome them. My parents did not teach me the value of hard work by talking about it, but with their repeated actions. According to their everyday example, I show my endurance to my daughter, whose ability is invaluable, irrespective of which part of the world he inherits.

I'm trying to model other skills that will help my daughter navigate in the future with uncertainty. I always show self-sufficiency and teach problem-solving to prepare for the confidence and ability that makes changes that have a positive impact on adults.

Ocasio-Cortez believes he is the only one who thinks about the future of our planet with the Green New Deal of Freedom-Stomping. "I'm the boss," he remembers, until someone comes forward. Now, apart from his plan, which could cost up to $ 600,000 for a household to try to eliminate cattle and air travel, and force the Americans to retrofit all buildings with what the government thinks is more energy efficient, Ocasio-Cortez discusses whether children are morally irresponsible. I wonder if an American "one-child policy" is hidden in a previously unpublished draft of the Green New Agreement?

I have news for the media lover: our country still appreciates freedom and freedom, and that means how many pages of Ocasio-Cortez seize, I'm my boss. My basic conservative principles motivate me to do extra work and teach her the right lessons so my daughter can see how she can improve the world. There is no need for small chickens, screaming that the sky will fall to lead a crazy trek, which will put an end to Roman great government policies.

Beth Bailey (@ BWBailey85) is a freelance writer from Detroit.

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