This 2 early-stage COVID vaccine could be a game changer

All eyes are on leading late-stage COVID-19 vaccine candidates. However, there are other experimental vaccines under development that may also be on the way. In this Multicolored Crazy Live A video recorded on December 3, 2020, Corinne Cardina, head of the Office of Health and Cannabis, and Keith Speights, author of, discuss two early-stage COVID vaccines that could be game changers.

Corinne Cardina: Are there any drug developers that may be at an earlier stage than the ones we mentioned and take an approach that could be a game modifier?

Keith Speights: Yes, there are a couple I watched a lot, Corinne.

Something I think you and I have talked about before – Vaxart (NASDAQ: VXRT). Vaxart is an early-stage oral tablet. The idea of ​​having a vaccine with which you can just say a pill instead of sticking it with a needle would be quite interesting. Very low market limit there – under $ 1 billion. This is an early stage again, but if they succeed, Vaxart can really get started.

Another, here’s a little plug, a shameless plug. I am working on an article that should be published on Saturday. This is the dark horse that needs to be watched, and I think this is the dark horse that needs to be watched in the coronavirus vaccine competition. Arcturus Therapeutics (NASDAQ: ARCT).

Arcuturs has an mRNA vaccine. Pfizer and Modern have mRNA vaccines, so we have already seen that they can indeed be very effective. But they have an mRNA single dose a vaccine that is in a phase 1/2 study.

It is also hoped that a freeze-dried version will be available for Phase 3 testing. You have Arcturus if you just check all the boxes. A single dose that will be amazing is mRNA, which is apparently very high efficiency, and freeze-dried to meet ultra-cold storage requirements. Arcturus is what really fascinates me. I’ll look at what happens next and see what the results look like.

Corinne Cardina: Keith, do you know the designation for Arcturus?

Keith Speights: Yes. That ARCT.

Corinne Cardina: Got it.

Keith Speights: Again, the best way to describe Arcturus is with a dark horse. They can be really strong if things go well.