“This must stop,” says Gabriel Sterling, Georgia’s election official, on the threats

One of Georgia’s top election officials angrily spoiled the rhetoric surrounding the election and the resulting violent threats, specifically calling on President Donald Trump to withdraw his supporters.

Gabriel Sterling is a Republican who oversaw the implementation of the state’s new voting system. At a press conference at the State Capitol aimed at recounting the presidential race requested by Trump, Sterling warned the president and two U.S. senators in Georgia, both of whom were forced into close running races against Democrats and called on the GOP secretary. Because of the resignation of President Brad Raffensperger, allegations that he mismanaged the election.

“Mr. President, you have not condemned these acts or these languages. Senators, you have not condemned these acts or these acts,” Sterling said apparently angrily. “This must stop. We need to take action, and if take the lead, show some.

People drove caravans past Raffensperger’s home, came into his property, and sent sexual threats to his wife’s cell phone, Sterling said. Raffensperger and Sterling are both stationed outside their homes, and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation has said it is investigating potential threats against officials to establish their credibility.

Sterling said he was furious to learn that a Dominion Voting Systems contractor helping with the recalculation in the Gwinnett County suburb received death threats after someone filmed a video of him when he transmitted a report to a county computer and falsely said that the young man manipulating election data.

– There’s a loop with his name on it. That’s not right, ”Sterling said, adding that the entrepreneur wasn’t in the spotlight by holding a senior position like Sterling or running into his office like Raffensperger. – This kid took a job. He just took a job.

Trump called Raffensperger a “people’s enemy” last week. Sterling remarked, adding, “It helped open the gates to such bullshit. “

Sterling urged the president to take action and tell his supporters not to commit acts of violence. – Someone’s hurt. Someone is being shot. They’re going to kill someone, “Sterling said.