This week a “major” blizzard is possible in New York

Although you feel today beach volleyball in Brooklyn-Bridge-Park in some weather conditions, it’s worth soaking the sand and sun for as long as it lasts, because meteorologists say a “bigger” winter storm could hit New York and its environs on Wednesday nights and Thursday mornings.

Our NBC Storm Team 4 friends say “a bigger winter storm is likely to grow from Wednesday to Thursday.” You can see one or more feet in some parts of New York and New Jersey! Which parts? It’s too early to tell, but if you love snow, you’ll love the “big dose” look:

The storm system is heading for the Rockies, so you know it’s legitimate. Meteorologists are pumped so much that AccuWeather even call “potential blockbuster”.

“As we continue to monitor trends, eastern residents need to pay more attention to forecasting the coming days,” says Tyler Roys, chief meteorologist at AccuWeather. “This storm can be extremely disruptive to a large number of people.”

On Friday, the city’s snow removal hygiene department announced that if snow more than an inch is expected, a snow signal will be issued requiring restaurants to suspend outdoor meals. According to the new guideline, “all tables and chairs should be removed or fixed, electric radiators and the tops of structures should be removed if possible”. And if more than a snowfall is predicted to be expected, restaurants will be instructed to “remove or consolidate structures, including obstacles, to take up as little space as possible.”

A possible snow-related suspension of outdoor meals can take days, depending on how much snow falls and how long it takes the public health department to clean the roads. This poses a potentially severe financial blow to the struggling restaurant industry, which the state has ordered to suspend indoor dining in NYC starting Monday due to the rising COVID-19 hospital rate.

The hygiene department yesterday posted a PSA video outlining their new snow strategy:

Please note that a possible mid-week snowstorm is likely to be preceded by a wet Monday rain, which may shift to wet snowfall in the city as the temperature drops – predicts ABC 7. After Monday rain, the low pressure system is expected to introduce lower temperatures, justifying what Gothamist Storm Team 17 probably calls “Snowmageddon.”

So start practicing your long jump now because Thursday’s snow is Friday’s bottomless slushy lagoon.

A man wearing shoes elegantly jumps over a slushy lagoon in NYC.


Scott Heins / Gothamist

Update 13:45: The hygiene department issued advice on winter operations on Monday because of the “chance of winter weather” in the forecast. This is not as severe as the “Snow Sign” class, which would require you to stop eating on an outdoor roadway. In the statement, the hygiene department explained that winter operating advice “can be stated” when there is forecast to be some snow, ice or winter weather, usually within an inch of total accumulation …. on the roadway to prevent freezing. “

Update 14:29: We can confirm that there is actually beach volleyball weather out there.