Timmy Chalamet plays COVID-19 in SNL Rona’s Christmas sketch

Finding a subtle metaphor to explore the confusion, uncertainty and upheaval of this year’s COVID-19 pandemic is a challenge for anyone, so Saturday night life nuts and their character and presenter, Timothée Chalamet, have been put into literal coronavirus costumes for last night’s sketch of “The Rona Family Christmas,” which is dedicated to this month’s pandemic and loved ones to reflect on after a successful year around the world . globe, visited the Trump White House several times, and signed a lease for a spacious two-bedroom statue inside Rudy Giuliani.

But while the rest of the COVID clan is celebrating one of their best years since Grandma started the Spanish flu, Chalamet’s Purell-biting, Cuomo-praising rebel fights his old man, played by Beck Bennett, without contact markers. Since this is a Christmas drama, after all, the coronaviruses eventually make up for each other, and the Timothée virus even reveals how COVID gave these tigers at the Bronx Zoo. Chalamet explains, “I stole their asses.” And every good night.