Tina Flournoy: Kamala Harris, elected vice president, elects the chief of staff

Flournoy joins at least two other colorful women who play leadership roles in Harris ’office. Symone Sanders, Senior Adviser for the Biden Campaign, is Senior Adviser and High Representative for the Elected Vice President. Ashley Etienne, another senior consultant for the Biden campaign, is Harris ’communications director.
Prior to her current role at Clinton, Flournoy served as an assistant public policy president for the 1.7 million-member union of the American Teachers Association, a Georgetown University biography in Georgetown Law. In this role, he led the group’s work in areas such as its political, mobilization, human rights and community outreach departments.
He has held several roles in the Democratic Party, including in 2005 Howard Dean, senior adviser to the President of the Democratic National Convention. In 2000, the Senate of the Democratic Vice Presidential candidate was Joseph Lieberman, the then Vice President’s Chief Financial Officer. Al Gore’s 2000 presidential campaign and deputy campaign manager at the 1992 Clinton and Gore Presidential Transitional Office and White House Presidential Staff Office, says Georgetown University biography.
President-elect Joe Biden has moved quickly to appoint a diverse group to key positions in the White House and Cabinet. She and Harris announced Sunday that the entire White House women’s communications team is women, including former Obama White House communications director Jen Psaki as press secretary. The incoming administration is expected to create another diverse group to lead Biden’s business team this week.