Tom Brady had to give up his farewell weekly plans with Buccaneers coach after the NFL allegedly entered

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Because of the epidemic, the farewell week isn’t as exciting as it usually is for NFL players, and that’s mainly because they don’t have to travel during their free time. Instead, they must remain in the team’s facility to undergo a daily COVID-19 test.

As a farewell to the Buccaneers in week 13, Tom Brady tried to make the most of the home jam by planning a golf trip with head coach Bruce Arians, but it turned out that the golf trip never happened because the NFL had mixed it up. According to, the NFL has notified the Buccaneers that it would be a violation of the league’s COVID-19 protocols for the two to play golf together.

Apparently, the news caught on to the two because they had already scheduled a stint on Dec. 2 that included Tampa Bay QB coach Clyde Christensen and former Buccaneers star Ronde Barber as part of their quartet. The NFL had strict COVID protocols throughout the year and became even more stringent after the Titans ’coronavirus outbreak, back in early October.

If you’re wondering what a player should do this week, the answer seems to be just sitting at home. Rob Gronkowski, for example, made a checklist of things he usually does on the weekends he had to leave in 2020. Among the things Gronk wasn’t able to do: Go to the club and fly to another city for a short vacation.

As for Brady, if there’s any good news that Buccaneers fans should take out of the resigned golf trip, it’s that he seems to have a good relationship with Arians. After Arians threw his quarterback under the bus after several losses this year, the question arose as to whether the two really loved each other, but they seem to do.

Jason Licht, CEO of the Buccaneers, actually gets along very well.

“They really do great,” Licht told ESPN. – There is deep respect for each other.

Of course, victory can heal everything in a funny way, which means the relationship could change if the Buccaneers lose to the Vikings on Sunday. If Minnesota withdraws the annoyance, it could leave Tampa Bay out of the playoffs for week 15.