Top five excerpts from Donald Trump’s Thanksgiving press conference

President Donald Trump got one step closer to the concession and fought with journalists at a Thanksgiving press conference on Thursday, signaling he would leave the White House and accept defeat if the Electoral College confirms President-elect Joe Biden as the next commander-in-chief. .

Speaking to the White House press camp, Trump doubled his complaints about the election process, but also said he would “surely” leave the Oval Office when his democratic rival was inaugurated in January.

The President also announced that he would hold a meeting in Georgia over the weekend, an intervention that could prove important ahead of the Senate election scheduled for January 5th.

Here are five takeaways from the president’s press conference with a tense Thanksgiving.

Trump is moving toward the concession

President Trump has indicated that he will finally allow the Biden election on Thursday, even if he claims it would be a “mistake” for the Electoral College to confirm the elected president as the next commander-in-chief.

Asked if he would allow himself in such circumstances, Trump replied, “Well, if you did, you made a mistake because the election was a fraud. Just to understand, the election was a fraud.”

He later told another reporter he would “definitely” leave the White House when the Electoral College confirms Biden’s elected president’s victory.

“Of course I will. Of course I will, and you know it,” Trump told the reporter, who asked if he planned to dismiss the Oval Office for his democratic successor.