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TORNADO – LIVE UPDATES: 17:20. MONEY: Trump adds new comments; The number of injuries rose to 63 in the county of Lee in Golden County

Editor's Note: We have several staff who report this story and updates are in real time.

Trump commented on the tornadoes

President Donald J. Trump spoke of the storms affecting Alabama and Georgia, while he was in the White House on Monday afternoon with the National Federation of Lawyers.

Shared Trump's comments on White House staff:

Let me start by saying that our hearts are touched by everyone affected by the devastating storms of Alabama, Georgia, and the surrounding states, and especially those who have tragically lost their lives.

"I talked to Governor Ivey and we work closely with officials throughout the region to restore our community to their feet.

– Attorney General Marshall and Attorney General Carr, when he comes home, tell the people of the great states of Alabama and Georgia that America has their back.

"… Let them know and – the governor and everyone – that we are with you 100 percent."

The number of hospital injuries is rising

East Alabama Medical Center was in Opel, at 15.00. On Monday, the patient was treated 24 hours a day for Sunday tornado in the previous 24 hours. However, only five remained in the late afternoon hospital.

Earlier on Monday and Sunday late in the evening, officials said some patients had been transferred to hospitals in Columbus, Georgia and the Birmingham Hospital, to assist in the event of a major accident on Sunday.

With the exception of all 23 known deaths, he died at the site of the tornado strike, and only in a hospital. There were three children between deaths.

The deadly Prince of Lee County was expanded from Monday to EF-4 with a 170 mph wind.

The National Weather Service updated the survey results on Monday afternoon to reflect the four recorded tornadoes in the center of Alabama during Sunday's heavy weather, including the deadly Lee County storm.

The service has released this update:

"REVIEW: 4 tornadoes are now confirmed in the Central AL

1) Beauregard-Smiths station (Lee Co) – preliminary EF-4, 170 mph

2) South of Tuskegee (Macon Co) to Lee Co – at least EF-1

3) Co Rd 79 (Barbour Co) – EF-1

4) Eufaula (Barbour Co) – at least EF-1; ongoing survey

Mayor of Auburn makes a statement

Mayor Ron Anders Auburn shared a press release on Monday afternoon, expressing support for Lee County's tornado tornadoes.

"Please accept my deepest sympathy and condolences – personally and on behalf of Auburn City Council and Auburn City – yesterday, March 3, in Lee County, for the victims of tragic storms.

"Some of our neighbors in the county have lost their loved ones, including children. Others have lost their homes. Today we mourn with you and we stand with ourselves when we regain this destructive event.

"… We are grateful for the spirit of the community, which has led many of you here to ask how you can help. We can provide further assistance.

Deaths are still 23, including three children

Lee County Coroner reports that the number of deaths remains at 23, but still in searchable areas. 22 out of 23 died on site, one in the hospital.

At least three of the 23 children were 6, 9, and 10 years old.

Lee County Tornado Raised EF4 to 170 mph

National Weather Service officials say the killer tornado that hit Lee County was an EF-4 pack that was 170 mph wind.

The twister cut a destructive path of at least 24 miles.

Since 2013, the United States has been the weakest tornado.

Update: 12:15 AM Monday:

Livestream broadcasts for 13 hours. at oanow.com

On Sunday's devastating and deadly tornado site, officials hold a press conference at 13.00. Central.

Opelika-Auburn News will be broadcast live on oanow.com

Foundation creates a foundation for recovery

The East Alabama Community Foundation has set up a recovery fund for victims of Sunday tornadoes.

Lee County EMA posted on Monday morning:

Updated: 11:50 AM Monday:

Alabama University provides support

Tuscaloosa and, in 2011, most of the University of Alabama University were destroyed by a huge murderous tornado that struck there. Many support the Auburn area and Auburn University.

Today, support was provided between Alabama and Auburn.

Alabama University President Stuart R. Bell this morning made the following statement:

“Our heart is hard on the campus of the University of Alabama, because we are thinking of friends, families, and communities caused by the devastating tornado spread across Lee County and across the region.

"As our prayers run out, we feel such an unbelievable loss throughout our state, and the UA family is happy to extend love, care and support beyond the painful recovery and beyond."

Updated at 11:30 AM Monday:

President Trump supports

President Donald Trump supported the support of the victims of Lee Alabama.

Updated: 1045: Monday:

Friends and other sources have identified one of the victims who killed Sunday as Taylor Thornton, fourth graduate of Lee-Scott Academy.

Gofundme account was created for the family.

"On March 3rd, a catastrophic tornado destroyed Lee County, Alabama. Dear friends, Ashley and David Thornton lost their precious daughter, Taylor, in this storm.

"The words are hard to imagine the lasting pain. Taylor was a wonderful example of God's child. He brought so much joy to those who know him."

"Our hearts mourn with you, Ashley and David. You raised a wonderful girl who accomplished her purpose on this land and now with her creator.

"This community loves both and McCrae's baby so much and continues to go through it."

Updated on Monday 9:25 AM

EAMC asks for blood donations

The East Alabama Medical Center at the Opelika Lifesouth Community Blood Center is requesting blood donations on Mondays as Sunday's relief efforts continue.

The center is located in Opel in 505 E Thomason Circle.

EAMC spokesman John Atkinson said on Monday morning that the medical center is hoping for donation.

"I'm sure there is a need for recharging," he said. “If they can't do it today, the need for blood will never go away. We only encourage people to think about it today or this week.

Updated on Monday 7:40 AM

The number of deaths remains at 23, but the number of missing persons remains in the two digits when the day rose on Sunday afternoon on Sunday in the County of Lee.

Search and rescue teams are expected to start off most of the day, starting in the most difficult areas, and headed out, said Lee County Sheriff Jay Jones early in the morning.

"Many of our first respondents are fully committed to helping everyone find out there," said Jones on a Monday morning. "Unfortunately, we anticipate that the number of deaths may increase when the day goes."

Jones expects nearly 200 people to help in search and rescue efforts during the day. Jones added that he expected the search and rescue efforts to be catastrophic due to the magnitude of the damage.

"I have not experienced this level of destruction in my experience," he said.

According to Jones, the most severely affected area is the Alabama Highway 51, from Lee Road 42 to Highway 80.

"This is where most deaths occur," he said.

There are more children among the dead, but Jones says the exact number is unknown.

"My heart hurts," Jones said. – I love this county. It is extremely worrying to me that I see these people hurt in this way.

More injuries were reported on Sunday. Jones said the injuries were moving between serious and serious injuries.

The crew of power will be in Lee County, helping restore power to those who are still there, Jones said.

The staff also helped clarify the area's roads and most are now open, but Jones encourages people to continue to avoid the area.

"We ask people who are not residents of the area, please don't come to the area," he said. – We don't want people to come down and get into the road literally.

For those who need help or shelter, the main sanctuary is the Providence Baptist Church. Lee County Sheriff's office staff is helping people identify and provide assistance in the shelter, said Jones.

Updated on Monday 5:30 AM

The American Red Cross opened a refuge in Opel as a Sunday tornado.

Providing food and water for those in need at the shelter at the western campus of the Providence Baptist Church.

Meanwhile, power is available to more than 1,900 customers in Lee County. According to poweroutage.us, 1,977 Alabama Power customers are on Monday at approx. At 5 o'clock, it was without power on Sunday's heavy weather.

Updated: 11:15 AM Sunday

Officials confirmed that the number of deaths had risen from Sunday tornadoes to 23, most search efforts being suspended until Monday.

Meanwhile, the Auburn Highland Church will receive donations on Monday. Some members have appeared:

The Auburn Dream Center is open in Donahue Drive on Monday, at 6:00 am to 11:00 pm to receive donations from those who are suffering from the tornado in Beauregard.

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Lee County Sheriff Jay Jones says 22 deaths are known to be fatal, including adults and children.

Meanwhile, over 50 patients were treated at the East Alabama Medical Center for Sunday storms, officials told Opelika-Auburn News.

Search operations continue in the missing areas, most search efforts begin Monday morning with a "more intense search" – said Jones.

The deadly victims are likely to be higher, said Jones, when more seekers return in the sun.

Update: 21:30. Sunday:

The killer tornadoes who hit Lee County on Sunday quickly became a national story.

Among them, Apple CEO Tim Cook, Auburn University Apple, tweeted:

"They have been killed to hear the lives lost in Lee County, a place close to my heart. Creating strength and healing for everyone affected by today's tornadoes."

Meanwhile, search and rescue operations continue, where they are safe enough to conduct behavior, as officials are looking for those who are missing.

More than 17,000 Alabama Power Company customers without a power at one point on Sunday tornadoes and storms that passed through the region.

Alabama Power released this update at 9 am.

at 9 o'clock. Up to 4,200 Alabama Power customers operate in Alabama center due to today's weather. The majority of interruptions are in Lee County (about 4,100 customers). Earlier interruptions in the Bullock County fell to 50 customers. At this time it is not known how many homes are too damaged to receive power.

The assessment of injuries and the restoration of strength will continue throughout the night. Other Alabama Power Teams are entering further areas in Central and South Alabama to help with the remaining malfunctions. Alabama Power staff continues to work closely with local authorities.

As a Sidenote, the number of peaks (about 17,300 customer service) is approx. Sunday.

Providence Baptist Church 2807 LR 166 Beauregard was opened as a Red Cross shelter for those who were caused by the county's storms in Lee County

Lee-Scott Academy joins Lee County School System on the closing Monday.

"We are aware that many of our families have been hit, and because of the magnitude of this impact, the Lee-Scott Academy will be closed on Monday, March 4th.

Updated: 07:05 PM Sunday:

"Smith Station Volunteer Fire Station Station # 1 50 Lee Rd # 430, Smiths Station, AL 36877 is an area where citizens are suffering from storms to assist in shelter or other unsatisfactory demands."

Update 18:45 Sunday:

Jay Jones Lee County Sheriff confirms that at least 14 people are dead, others are missing, and "search and rescue remains a priority."

Several sources report that at least 10 deaths have been reported on Sunday afternoon tornadoes; According to an official, there are more injuries and "injured on foot".

Search and rescue operations continue.

Lee County EMA published this at around 5:30 am

LEE ROAD 165 @ LR 40 is now CLOSED and switches between CLOSE and DANGEROUS EVALUATIONS.




From Alabama Power Company:

At 18.00, approximately 7,000 Alabama Power customers will be in the center of Alabama. The Alabama Power staff is working safely to restore the service as quickly as possible. Damage is assessed, but includes the fallen wire and broken poles due to fallen trees and limbs.

There are exclusions in the following areas:

Lee County – 5,600 customers

Bullock County – 1040 customers

Montgomery – 170 customers

Tallassee – 160 customers

There are fewer scattered outbreaks in the following areas: Autauga County, Butler County, Chilton County, Elmore County, and Wilcox County.

Lee County Schools will be closed on Monday, as they will continue to investigate extensive damage after Sunday afternoon tornadoes.

The county school system has published its website and social media accounts:

"Because of the Sunday storm, all Lee County schools will be closed tomorrow."

In the United States, 280 eastwards are closed on the normal lanes, but traffic has continued in the eastern direction using common lanes on the western side; East of Smiths Station.

The descending mobile phone tower blocks the eastern bands and remains on the road sections with other debris.

Police in the United States reopened 280 in the East, between Smiths Station and Phenix City, targeting traffic to one-lane passage to west-bound lanes. This is because blocking a lowered mobile phone tower 280.

Upgrade, 4:30 P.M. SUNDAY:

Published by East Alabama Medical Center on Facebook:

"Our community has maintained a great tornado and the first respondents are working.

"Our rescue service set up a satellite tent at the Beauregard Volunteer Fire Department (move to Sanford High School).

From Alabama Power Company:

At 16:00, some 10,400 Alabama Power customers are in the center of Alabama because of the severe weather. Damage reports include fallen poles and fallen wires due to fallen trees and limbs.

If this can be done safely, the staff will be actively involved in the restoration of power. Performance has been restored to over 3500 customers over the last hour. Currently, power outages are concentrated in the following areas:

Lee County – 6,700 customers

Bullock County – 2,300 customers

Montgomery – 680 customers

Greenville – 480 customers

Tallassee – 120 customers

In the counties of Autauga, Chilton, Elmore and Wilcox there are fewer falls

Lee County EMA Director Rita Smith said the first respondents were responding from several agencies, and there were reports of deaths and injuries, although they did not comment on how many.

"We are now trying to evaluate what happened on two separate events …

"There have been reports of injuries and there are plenty of first respondents on the spot …

"If people can stay out of this area now … it would be great," he said.

Meanwhile, Sheriff Jay Jones confirmed at least one deadly victim, an adult man in Lee Road 38 east of Alabama 51.

The sheriff's officers also cause widespread damage in this area.

Updated: 03:45 AM Sunday:

Emergency officials have confirmed that they are deadly on Sunday afternoon storms, but officials have not yet said how much or how much they will give while continuing their search and rescue operations.

The Lee County tornado warning ceases and is no longer valid.

Road debris and clogging are still reported as well as power outages.

Update: 15:15. Sunday:

They report road debris and clogging along the Smiths station, including the United States 280 Corridor. Trees, cell towers and other obstacles block or block more roads.

14:50 Sunday: Updated with power outages; tornado warning.

The tornado warning is issued to Macon and Lee counties, and severe weather continues to cause confusion in Macon-Lee County.

Lee County EMA: "Tornado Warning was released on March 3 at 14:38 in CST, which expired on March 3 at 3:30 pm CST by NWS Birmingham AL"

The Beauregard and Smiths station areas are all in the tornado warning.

This story is still being updated.

The storms that hit Lee County and the surrounding area on Sunday afternoon created large edges, heavy rain, dazzling floods and unfavorable driving conditions that resulted in a number of accidents, including Interstate 85, where traffic slowed down. location.

"Avoid the 20 I85 southern direction indicator and look for an alternative route," the shorter firefighter snapped. "Traffic is moving, but it's very crowded. There are some significant weather on which we find the way.

Alabama Power Company sent announcements of interruptions when the storm entered the area.

"Due to severe weather, there are currently some 5,900 Alabama Power customers in Alabama center. These breaks exist in the following areas:

"Montgomery – 2600 customers

"Auburn area – 1600 customers

"Millbrook – 1400 customers

"Montgomery – 610 Customers

"Tallassee – 120 customers

"Dallas, Elmore, and Wilcox counties have increasingly scattered stoppages.

"Alabama Power's crews are trying to recover energy when they're safe."

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