Trump accuses Twitter of “discrimination”. He suggests that section 230 poses a threat to national security

Donald Trump today accused Twitter of “conservative discrimination” while once again criticizing how topics are evolving on the platform.

In a series of tweets, the outgoing president also proposed a law that would revoke the legal exemption for social media companies from illegal content uploaded by users for reasons of national security – section 230.

“Twitter is sending completely fake‘ Trends ’that have nothing to do with what’s really a trend in the world,” Trump wrote on Friday.

“They make it up, and it’s just negative ‘things.’ It’s the same thing with Twitter as it is with @FoxNews during the day. It’s also big conservative discrimination.”

In his second post on doubling threats to the law, he added: “In the interests of national security, Article 230 should be repealed immediately !!!”

In his tweet, Trump did not clarify why Section 230 should be considered a national security issue. Comments were written to the White House at Newsweek.

There is no evidence that Twitter is manipulating or falsifying trends, but this is by no means the first time Trump has questioned how the website’s algorithms work.