Trump and Barr held a “controversial” White House meeting this week, the source says

Because of the interview, his boss exploded, several said his reaction.

Although the press secretary said Wednesday he was unaware that Trump and Barr had met when he was in the White House on Tuesday, the source described the meeting as controversial, but said the president was not screaming at Barr.

The Department of Justice appeared to have tried to curb the damage Tuesday hours after Barr’s remarks to the Associated Press claimed that he claimed he had not completed an investigation into the election fraud and therefore did not “announce a confirmatory finding. that there was no fraud in the elections “.

“The ministry will continue to receive and vigorously investigate all specific and credible allegations of fraud as soon as possible,” a Justice Department spokesman said without comment.

ABC News first reported on a tense White House meeting.
Sources say Trump disappointed in Barr after election remarks, but officials do not want AG fired
Trump was deeply disappointed in Barr long before the interview, but he said it only heightened his anger. Two White House officials said that while Trump had certainly considered Barr’s dismissal, several had not been advised against it.

Whether he wants it after all is up to anyone.

Trump remains sensitive to kicking someone in a position like Barr after he was fired by FBI Director James Comey. Trump is worried about the legal consequences after he resigns, and the dismissal of the attorney general could raise new issues for him.

Barr’s remarks to the AP reflected the Republicans ’latest official reprimand for the president’s allegations that he committed widespread fraud over the loss of Joe Biden.

“To date, we have not seen any level of fraud that could have achieved a different result in the election,” Barr said.

Barr, who echoed Trump’s claim before the election that voting by mail is unsafe, said both the Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security had investigated the fraud requests and came forward empty-handed.

Two lawyers working for Trump quickly rejected Barr’s assessment on Tuesday, reiterating their claim that “they have enough evidence to vote illegally in at least six states,” to which they say the attorney general does not belong.

Barr’s view appears to be without knowledge and investigation of evidence of material irregularities and systemic fraud, “lawyers Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis say in a statement.

Lawyers have so far failed to provide evidence to support their claims, which have been rejected by courts in several states in the country, and their efforts will soon run counter, as several states, including Michigan’s key states, Georgia and Pennsylvania, have confirmed or will soon prove their findings.

Some other Republican officials have also rejected widespread voter fraud, including Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, who earlier this week declared his election to be safe and condemned the president.

Last week, Georgian Governor Brian Kemp and Georgia’s Secretary of State rejected Trump’s call to reverse the state’s election results, saying their elections were also safe.

Trump’s main disappointment with Barr beyond not supporting Trump’s claims of voter fraud is the lack of a report by John Durham. Trump and senior White House staff had the impression that it would turn out before the election, and Trump repeatedly asked people, “Where is he?”

CNN staff members Evan Perez, Jim Acosta and Devan Cole contributed to the report.