Trump and his allies on the Supreme Court are still dead when election cases arrive

The president’s efforts don’t go away, new lawsuits and appeals are filed almost daily, and more than $ 170 million has been raised in response to Trump’s cash requests.

But officials across the country have confirmed that the 2020 vote is safe. Biden’s victories have already been proven in the six most controversial states – Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Trump has won the Broad Electoral College victory, which will be official this month.

Judges have so thoroughly rejected Trump’s attempts in recent weeks that almost all of their issues have been closed. One Pennsylvania federal judge, Matthew Brann, wrote that he could not do what Trump’s campaign and Rudy Giuliani Trump’s personal lawyer wanted because it would be unconstitutional. Judge Timothy Kenny from Michigan explained point by point why there were no witnesses suspected of fraud.

A Pennsylvania Supreme Court judge wrote in a unanimous opinion last weekend that he denied a Republican attempt to throw away millions of missing votes in the state: the number of voters. ”

Even Trump-appointed Judge Stephanos Bibas wrote that the president’s campaign had no concrete allegations or evidence to overturn Biden’s victory in Pennsylvania. “Voters, not lawyers, elect the president,” he wrote as part of a U.S. District Court of Appeals decision 3 rejecting Trump’s request to redesign the lawsuit last week after Brann, a long-time Republican, bounced back from Giuliani and from the campaign. court of first instance.

And yet, Trump’s dreams lie in court. Ongoing cases continue to create false fraud narratives – often based on disbelief in support for Biden in highly democratic cities and dissatisfaction with the votes of those absent.

In these and many other cases since the election, the general approach has been that voters, pollsters, Republican voters, the Republican Party, or the Trump campaign itself have sued for suspected fraud, or by providing information about Biden’s support, particularly between postal items. in ballot papers or testimonies that consist largely of hearings or conjectures.

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In many cases, Trump supporters have said they have no evidence yet, but would like to take a closer look at ballot papers or confidential election data to see if they can find evidence of fraud. While state judges have ruled that the evidence does not exist, federal judges have repeatedly said they cannot cast thousands or millions of votes on suspicion of some citizens, especially after the election is over, and have confirmed that the voters ’election is the winner. his voice.

Next attempt: Supreme Court?

A handful of failed Republican litigants, including the Trump campaign, are being asked to seek help from the U.S. Supreme Court over Pennsylvania. Voters and a Republican congressman in the state of Pennsylvania have already appealed to the Supreme Court over a decision that they are unable to make widespread constitutional claims alleging fraudulently diluted their votes.

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There is no indication that the U.S. Supreme Court would do anything near overturning the election results. The court may not even investigate the cases, especially after the judges sat for weeks in a separate request to address unresolved legal issues over a few thousand Pennsylvania ballots that were mailed on election day but then received at election offices.

“The Supreme Court will determine its own hand. I have run out of methods that describe how inconceivable it would be to reach out to these cases and decide to answer any of them,” Trump urged after the election. said a law professor and election law expert on Monday, “The cases are embarrassed.

New cases on old grounds

Some in Trump’s legal circle continue to keep election allegations alive, bringing in nearly a dozen new cases since Thanksgiving week that seem to be moving on the same ground where they have already failed so thoroughly.

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Recent efforts include Sidney Powell, a defense attorney for Michael Flynn’s now pardoned former national security adviser. Prior to Thanksgiving, Powell appeared at a campaign press conference alongside Giuliani and others and implemented a theory about a dead Venezuelan dictator who corrupted a corrupt U.S. vote in a massive communist conspiracy while providing zero evidence. In the days that followed, he was pushed aside by the campaign because it was reportedly too extreme even for Trump.

On Sunday night, federal judge Timothy Batten of northern Georgia ordered election officials in Cobb, Gwinnett and Cherokee counties to refrain from canceling voting machines for 10 days while the court examined key issues in the case. On Monday afternoon, the judge said there were quick appeals in the case for the first time and the appeal was already pending.

Even state Republicans blew up court allegations from Powell and well-known conservative lawyer Lin Wood. Although Georgia had already narrated the ballots by hand and found that Biden had won the state, Wood and others tried to block the result in a handful of lawsuits after accusing them of fraud, such as a pollster witnessing some missing ballots voting for a clean, unfolded Biden. his paper looked suspicious.

According to a source, a “flare-up” of grace is expected before Trump leaves office

Georgia State Secretary Brad Raffensperger said Monday that disinformation alleging electoral fraud is exploitative and “spread by unfair actors,” and state election official Gabe Sterling said in lawsuits that “we are feverish … , internet cabal. ”

In Arizona, a state judge plans to hold a trial on Thursday in the event that the state Republican party can review 200 random ballots: 100 postal and 100 repeat votes, which could be military and overseas. The Secretary of State’s attorneys questioned whether it was legal to allow envelopes to be reviewed, but the judge said he allowed them to expect the case to be appealed to the Arizona Supreme Court and erred on the side of transparency. ” result, we can trust them. ”

This state follows several lawsuits that claimed, among other things, that some votes cast on election day were not counted, in part because Sharpy was used on them. In these lawsuits, Republicans and the Trump campaign initially made huge claims about voter confusion and missing votes. Judges rejected several complaints, and the campaign eventually dropped the lawsuit after acknowledging that the number of votes in question would not change the outcome of the election.

On Tuesday, the Trump campaign announced its latest lawsuit, a Wisconsin complaint filed directly with the state’s supreme court to throw more than 221,000 votes out of the state’s total because of the campaign’s grievances over how election officials allowed absentees to vote to voters cast in good faith. A press release from Trump’s campaign mentioned part of its efforts to uncover fraud and abuse. The court rejected the admission on Thursday.

And in Michigan, two voters, one of whom is a member of the Black Voices group coming for Trump, went straight to the Michigan Supreme Court to block voters alongside Biden. Their grievances focus on voting for absentees and concerns about election procedures. Michigan law allows for such cases where anyone feels offended by the state board of trustees.

But even after the countdown had already taken place, Biden won the battlefield states with tens of thousands of votes and the Electoral College deadline approaching, the cases were dead on arrival.

“Honestly, it doesn’t matter at this point,” Levitt said. “Nothing has much effect on anything. This choice is over.”

It’s all about the money

According to Levitt, there is still room to be gained in court proceedings, which is largely extralegal – namely, using the procedure to spread conspiracy theories on social media and undermining U.S. confidence in elections, the democratic system, and even Georgia USA next month.

The cases also involve massive political donations to Trump and his supporters. The president and his new Save America political action committee have raised more than $ 170 million since election day – a huge amount, especially for the president who lost his office – at least in part from the campaign of more than 500 emails and texts sent since election day, which often seeks donations following allegations of electoral fraud.

Three-quarters of the funds raised will go to the new leadership PAC, according to the small print portion of the tracks.

CNN’s Samira Said, Renee Baharaeen, Jessica Schneider, Kara Scannell, Ariane de Vogue, Marshall Cohen, Jason Morris, Tori Apodaca, Betsy Klein, Jeremy Diamond and Fredreka Schouten contributed to this report.