Trump Appointed Judge Dismisses Appeal to Give Sidney Powell, Lin Wood Voting Machine Access

Attorneys Sidney Powell and Lin Wood, who filed a lawsuit in Georgia for fraud in the 2020 presidential election, have appealed an analysis of the state’s Dominion voting machines, which was denied by a federal judge on Friday.

President Donald Trump, among other things, claimed without evidence that Dominion Voting Systems ’voting machines were programmed to reverse the votes cast to elected president, Joe Biden. Dominion denied Trump’s claims. Powell and Wood publicly agreed with Trump’s allegation and filed a lawsuit to substantiate the allegations.

On Wednesday, Powell filed a petition asking the court to allow Dominion voters to be examined by Republican voters. Members of the 11th District Court of Appeals were unsure whether they had jurisdiction to hear the appeal. On Friday, Powell introduced a prospectus setting out mitigating circumstances that would allow the court to adjudicate the appeal. Andrew Brasher, a judge at the 11th District Court of Appeal in Georgia, later dismissed the appeal. In 2019, Trump was brought to court by Brasher, who was confirmed by the U.S. Senate in February.

“This appeal stems from a last-minute lawsuit that allegedly alleges widespread electoral abuse and seeks comprehensive relief,” Brasher wrote. However, Brasher ruled that his court had no jurisdiction to adjudicate the appeal.

“As we have no jurisdiction, the appeal will be dismissed and the motion filed
the admissible appeal is denied “- the decision is concluded.” Since this appeal must be dismissed, the accused’s conditional joint appeal is also dismissed. Any other pending motion was REJECTED. “

sidney powell loses its appeal in georgia
Attorney Sidney Powell’s request for Republican voters to analyze some of Georgia’s voting machines was rejected by the appellate court on Friday.
Mandel Ngan / AFP / Getty

Brasher’s decision was the latest blow to the Trump campaign’s attempts to overthrow Georgia’s election results. On Friday, after three countdowns to the vote, Georgia predicts President-elect Joe Biden won the state election. According to the Associated Press, Biden won 49.5 percent of the referendum in Georgia, while Trump won 49.3 percent of the vote.

Newsweek reached a comment on the Trump campaign.

On Friday, the Trump campaign launched a separate lawsuit in Georgia to invalidate the state’s election results. This petition took an oath of fraudulent activity on the oaths of the people involved in the voting process in Georgia.

“The documents submitted today clearly document that there are literally tens of thousands of illegal votes cast, counted and included in the tables that the Secretary of State is about to certify,” said Ray S. Smith III, Trump’s senior adviser. Campaign in a press release on Friday. “The huge irregularities, mistakes and possible frauds violate the Georgian Electoral Code and make it impossible to know for sure the actual outcome of the Georgian presidential race.”

Georgia State Secretary Brad Raffensperger said in a statement on Friday that his office “found no evidence of widespread fraud, despite repeated recounting.”