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Trump attack is a retired admiral who led bin Laden raid escalation war of words

President Trump has long put the US Army at the center of the Presidential Brigade, grabbing retired officials to serve as a consultant, mentioning the rise in defense expenditures and relying on support for troops and veterans for their success.

But the commander-in-chief posed a risk of alienating the military community by fighting with one of his most respected members, retired William H. McRaven, against the other recent comments and decisions that had been disputed in the ranks and among those who served.

In his interview with Chris Wallace in "Fox News Sunday", Trump followed McRaven, the retired Navy and Special Operations Commander who oversaw Osama bin Laden's assassination and the capture of Saddam Hussein during the 37 years of the US military.

Trump named McRaven as "Hillary Clinton Fan" and "Obama Supporter" before suggesting that the four-star admiral, who has recently left the Texas Chancellor in the midst of chronic lymphocytic leukemia, is faster.

"It would not have been good if we got Osama bin Laden earlier, would not that be good?" the President said. "You know, I live – I think about this – they live in Pakistan, beautifully in Pakistan, which I think they have a beautiful castle, I do not know I saw it beautiful." But in Pakistan, besides the military academy, everyone knew it was there. "

Comments escalated from a war that began last year when McRaven called the news media Trump's description of "the enemy of the people," which was the biggest threat to the American democracy he had ever seen.

This past summer, McRaven went to John Brennan, who defended the former CIA director as an integrity in an article in Washington Post after Trump withdrew Brennan's security power.

At a rare moment of political clarity, McRaven wrote that Trump, instead of embracing others and giving an example to a president, "would have embarrassed our children, humiliated us on the stage of the world, and what is the worst of our nation."

In a statement originally issued by CNN and affirmed by The Post, McRaven said he did not support Clinton or anyone in the 2016 presidential election and was a fan of Barack Obama and George W. Bush, both of whom worked in uniforms.

"I love all the presidents, regardless of their political party, who maintain the dignity of the office and who use this office to bring them together in challenging times of the nation," McRaven said.

Former CIA Deputy Director Michael Morrell he pointed to Twitter that McRaven's forces have nothing to do with finding bin Laden. Morrell says the CIA was the "discovery" and the McRaven forces who made the "get" and a few days after they got the order.

The President's comments on McRaven raised Trump's broader questions on military issues.

During another trip to France, the President did not attend the celebration of the centenary of World War I, and the White House said that a helicopter could not fly in the climates and a freeway had too much traffic. Chief of Staff John F. Kelly and János Joseph F. Dunford, Chief of Staff Staff, attended the ceremony.

Trump did not visit the Arlington National Cemetery on Veterans Day this year because he came home from France and did not go to the ceremony or held any public events in honor of American veterans on Monday's leave.

Trump acknowledged that he should have gone to the Arlington National Cemetery for the Veteran Day.

"I should have done it," she told Trump Wallace. "I was very busy with the calls for the country. We called a lot, as you know.

Trump recently voiced his dissatisfaction with the highest retired generals serving the administration, raising questions that he souring the military copper on the pitch. At the beginning of this year, Jim Mattis, a defense minister, made "a kind of democrat" ridiculous. In a Sunday interview, he said that there are things Kelly does that he does not like and that at some point the staff boss position.

The comments follow the president's decision to put the US military in political focus in the mid-term elections by sending thousands of soldiers to the Mexican border, in which critics have been nominated for a political bump on the base.

Trump said the move was a measure that could help the United States Customs and Border Protection Association thousands of "invasion" of migrants who, without any evidence, involved "unknown Middle Eastern" and "bad people".

Prior to the election, Trump said he would send troops from 10,000 to 15,000, but last week the army said the number of active soldiers actually caught was about 5,900. The National Guard has another 2000 members since April.

Although Mattis supported the necessary support for good members of the military ministry and the military community, other members of the military community were declared a criminal offense, seen as a wasteful politicization of the armed forces.

Trump's suggestion that soldiers are shooting at rocks on the rocks was inspired by General Martin E. Dempsey, former commander-in-chief, to consider the mission as devastating, but at the same time that uniformed men and women do not use disproportionate force.

Trump, who attended the New York Military Academy, but avoided the Vietnam War service through scheduled deferrals, answered Sunday questions as to why he did not visit the US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"I think you will see this happen," Trump said. "There are some things that are planned."

But former and current officials who talked about internal deliberations under the terms of anonymity did not remind Trump of visiting troops in Iraq, Afghanistan, or Syria in the first and a half years. The trial of the north-south demilitarized zone until 2017 was slandered by bad weather.

Trump was also a singer's supporter of the outbreak of conflict when US troops were deployed abroad, but Mattis and other national security officials persuaded him to stay in Syria and Afghanistan.

When Wallace during the Sunday interviews pointed out that Trump did not visit soldiers in Iraq or Afghanistan, the president quickly pointed out that he was opposed to the Iraq war, although it was unclear that he had ever made this opposition before the 2003 invasion.

"But this is about the soldiers, sir," Wallace said.

"You're right," Trump said. He promised to visit the "incredibly busy schedule". . . at the top of which these fake witch hunt. "

Military support for the military has long been at the heart of Trump's political message.

When a former first lady, Michelle Obama, said in a newly published book that she could not forgive Trump about the loud and thoughtless remarks of her husband's birth and family's vulnerability, Trump quickly replied that he could not forgive his immediate predecessor "for our military."

The years of fiscal weapons have damaged the US military's preparedness by the Pentagon, according to which consistent funding in the first two years of the trump administration helped to eliminate training, maintenance, personnel and equipment problems.

In August, Trump signed the $ 716 Billion Defense Act, which contained a $ 639 billion base budget that has been the nation's highest adjusted value since the Second World War, a 2.6 percent pay raise for soldiers, and critical investments needed to maintain equipment. The total defense budget, which includes active operations, was higher in Bush and Obama years under the Iraqi surge.

In recent weeks, however, Trump's administration has indicated that the military budget is likely to characterize the president's first two years in office is unlikely to continue.

After the federal deficit jumped 17 percent in response to last year's Republican tax cuts, Trump urged government agencies to cut their budgets by about 5 percent next year, a $ 33 billion reduction in military spending.

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