Trump brought Michael Flynn back to the finals, Fallon says

“Well, it’s going to be a good change of pace for instructors to list national security threats to a president who’s not on it.” – STEPHEN COLBERT, Joe Biden received President Trump’s daily intelligence briefing

“All right, Trump doesn’t need the daily briefing anymore.” He gets all his intelligence from Randy Quaid’s tweets. – JIMMY FALLON

“Thanks to Trump’s daily briefing, Biden is now familiar with foreign and domestic threats and who has been released on ‘The Bachelorette.'” – JIMMY FALLON

“In fact, it turns out that the shortcut they give Biden is a little different than what they give Trump. I’ll show you what I mean. For example, Biden describes it as “Iran is building a nuclear arsenal,” while Trump briefly said, “Iran is making big fireworks that are booming.” – JIMMY FALLON

“Then Biden says briefly,‘ Norway is experiencing severe climate change, ’while Trump says,‘ Olaf will soon become a puddle. ” – JIMMY FALLON

And finally, Biden’s acronym says, “Canada extends border restrictions with the U.S.,” while Trump said, “the Americans were betrayed by Beliebers. ” – JIMMY FALLON

Amy Adams told Seth Meyers that she had tried (and failed) to learn a Billie Eilish song on the ukulele during quarantine.