Trump Campaign Wisconsin Countdown Efforts Attorney Seeks to Cast His Own Vote

The lawyer of President Donald Trump, a lawyer for the recount in Wisconsin, voted illegally in his own legal argument that personally absent ballot papers should be discarded. So did his wife.

Jim Troupis, a former Dane County judge and Cross Plains lawyer who represents the Trump campaign, would not answer the question of why he and his wife were chosen that way.

Troupis and his wife voted early on the possibility of a state’s personal absence – one of the voters whose vote the Trump campaign asked for by election officials to consider it illegal.

Their names appeared in exhibitions presented by Troupis to the Dane County Canvassers Board on Sunday, the county’s third ballot paper. The exhibitions include a list of voters who the campaign claims to have voted illegally. The information was provided by Dane County for both campaigns.

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“I’m sure I’m on this list,” he said as he raised further questions about the communication team for the recount effort, which includes Andrew Witt, president of the Party of Wisconsin Party.

Trump asked for a recount after President-elect Joe Biden defeated him in Wisconsin by about 20,000 votes. The recount began on Friday, and the recovery of ballot papers began seriously on Saturday. In Milwaukee, election officials said on Sunday that the count will continue after Thanksgiving.

Tim McMurty, a temporary voting machine technician in the city of Milwaukee, sits behind containers of ballot papers that have not yet been counted at Sunday’s recount of the presidential election at the Wisconsin Center in Milwaukee.
Tim McMurty, a temporary voting machine technician in the city of Milwaukee, sits behind containers of ballot papers that have not yet been counted at Sunday’s recount of the presidential election at the Wisconsin Center in Milwaukee.

Troupis unveiled an issue of absentee voter lists on Sunday to prove the expected legal challenge.

Disone Welsh, a Madison lawyer for Biden’s campaign, complained that the Trump campaign would do this amid a recount.

“It’s not a trial preparation session, it’s a recount,” Welsh said during a brief hearing at the Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center in Madison, where the recount is taking place.

When the countdown began on Friday, the Trump campaign quickly raised objections aimed at tossing tens of thousands of ballots – these were rejected. In Milwaukee, his initial objections were more of a procedural nature.

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Christ Troupis, another member of Trump’s campaign, Jim Troupis’s brother, told the Dane County Canvassers Board on Friday that this should put an end to all personal early voting; missing ballot papers sent by post if written requests to them have not been traced; any votes cast by those who say they are indefinitely restricted; and any missing ballot papers where the clerks wrote the address of the witnesses.

In Milwaukee County, Stewart Karge, Trump’s campaign attorney, asked to review or remove the missing ballots and dismiss the inconsistent votes.

“For the reasons set out in the election guide, I am not eligible to comply with the request,” said Tim Posnanski, chairman of the board. He added that even if this was not described in the election guide, he feels that the Election Commission was unable to comply with the registration requests.

The Trump campaign submitted an application for an open register to the City of Milwaukee to view a copy of the missing ballot papers. Karge said he does not think this request will be met in time.

The city’s census was missed because there were so many objections to the ballot envelopes, ”said George Christenson, Milwaukee County official, adding that the city lost two days from the count.

The most recent question that has arisen is whether observers produce ballot papers, which potentially poses problems as individual voters in communities that use central counting facilities to count missing votes could be identified, Christenson said.

“We have already agreed to hand over all the pictures of the ballot papers cast during the recount to the Trump campaign and the Biden campaign, but we will change any number of voters that are included in the central count,” he said.

Christenson estimates that in the past three days, a “handful” of people have been removed from the recount, mainly due to “unruly behavior” or a violation of the mask requirement.

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