Trump campaign witness unable to substantiate demands at Georgia election fraud hearings

A Trump campaign star witness was unable to substantiate the allegation that fraudulent ballot papers were “injected” into the Georgia vote count when they were questioned during Thursday’s hearing.

Retired Colonel Phil Waldron, called by President Donald Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, to testify at a hearing in the Georgia state senate, could not corroborate allegations that a video of election workers “pulling bags off the table” contained fraudulent votes when asked Democratic Senator Jen Jordan.

“Are you saying that in the video you saw ballots that were somehow not legal, that weren’t real, and that were actually cast by non-Georgia registered voters?” Jordan asked Waldron during the trial.

“We have evidence of people migrating on ballots from outside the state to other states,” Waldron replied.

Jordan then asked Waldron to clarify whether he claimed a truckload of ballot papers had been transferred to Georgia.

“Not to Georgia,” Waldron admitted.

Waldron agreed when Jordan pointed out that election laws and vote-counting processes vary from state to state. The senator then put pressure on Waldron to claim that illegal ballots had been brought into Georgia based on allegations by other states.

Colonel Phil Retron, a retired army, could not substantiate the allegation that fraudulent ballot papers were “injected” into the Georgian vote count.
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“So your opinion is based on the fact that there are statements from other people from other states who claimed to have been led to other states on ballots?” Jordan asked. – According to your confession, are you saying that ergo, these ballots in the video must have come from other states and are illegal?

Waldron replied that a “full forensic audit” could be used to check whether fraudulent votes had been introduced, while refusing to say whether there was reason to assume they did.

“If these were extras that were just pulled in, someone just imported them … you could expect the number of ballot papers to exceed the number of registered voters who asked for a vote and / or who voted in person, right?” Jordan asked.

“You know, within the margin of error,” Waldron replied. “I didn’t see it in Georgia, so I can’t witness that, but we saw it in other places where ballots were segregated, separated and discarded, or not counted. And then other ballots were injected, and those were statements that all the legal teams got.”

Waldron appeared at several events with Giuliani that boosted voter fraud conspiracy theories, including a “hearing” held at a hotel in Phoenix, Arizona, on Monday when elected president Joe Biden’s state victory was vindicated. He was presented as a “cyber security expert,” although his background and mandate in the field are unclear.

One month after election day, Trump continues to maintain, without any credible evidence, that massive voter fraud has “cheated” the election. Biden won 306 voter college votes for Trump’s 232, with the same victory difference that Trump won in 2016 over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The president-elect received more than 7 million more votes than Trump nationwide, for a total of 81.2 million.

Newsweek reached a comment on the Trump campaign.