Trump continues to falsely insist on winning elections at Gettysburg speakerphone

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump committed fakes one after another while unfoundedly claiming to have won the 2020 election in place of President-elect Joe Biden when he called an event organized by Pennsylvania Republicans in Gettysburg.

Trump’s election lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, attended the event to continue his quixotic and dangerous quest to try to overthrow the results of the democratic election.

Trump is expected to appear in person, but did not do so after another member of his legal team gave a positive result for the coronavirus. They were placed on a speakerphone to address the group.

Trump refuses to admit, despite Pennsylvania on Tuesday declaring Biden the winner in the state and since the formal transition process has begun.

State election officials and international observers insisted that there was no evidence of widespread voter fraud. Trump’s legal team has repeatedly lost its cases in court.

Trump’s visit to Gettysburg to hear the Pennsylvania Senate’s Majority Political Committee has not yet been on the president’s public agenda, but people in the case have said he wants to appear alongside Giuliani, who has led long-term legal efforts to reverse several November’s election results. .

No trip was ever included in his public schedule, and a group of reporters assembled to make the trip were told at the last minute that he had canceled, according to Wednesday’s press conference – indicating that Trump was not traveling after all. Trump still has no events on his public schedule on Wednesday. The White House rejected the comment.

Giuliani’s efforts were little-stuck — and won widespread ridicule — and the president’s appearance, along with his long-term private lawyer, risked further ruining his legacy. It was not immediately clear why the president had abandoned the travel plan. One Trump consultant, Boris Epshteyn, tweeted on Twitter on Wednesday that he proved positive for the coronavirus.

In Pennsylvania, where President-elect Joe Biden leads by more than 80,000 votes, Trump supporters have complained that observers in Philadelphia have not been allowed to get closer to the workers counting the ballots, but have shown no evidence of widespread fraud.

Kiden Bedingfield, Biden’s interim spokesman, rejected the trip to Gettysburg as a stunt.

“The election is over. Virtually everyone on Earth has accepted this truth, with the exception of Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani. , He said during a conversation with reporters on Wednesday. “The Trump campaign has been ridiculed from every courtroom with unworthy and baseless lawsuits aimed at undermining the will of the American people. This is a side indicator.

Last weekend, a Pennsylvania federal judge dismissed a lawsuit that Giuliani personally argued after asking for the removal of other lawyers working in campaign lawsuits in other communities.

Trump’s attorneys “do not present forced legal arguments and speculative allegations” that are not supported by evidence, U.S. District Judge Matthew Brann wrote in a dismissal opinion. Giuliani promised an appeal.

Nevertheless, Trump fought publicly to accept his election loss, committing only this week to giving Biden’s team access to public funds as part of the transition process. And he sought to turn to lawmakers in the governments of Republican-controlled states for refusing to justify results that show he was losing to the former vice president.

Last week, he invited Michigan Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey and Speaker Lee Chatfield, both Republicans, to the White House. But they issued a joint statement after their meeting with Trump that “they were not yet aware of any information that could have changed the outcome of the Michigan election.”

These efforts have also lagged behind in Georgia and Nevada, all of which have gone through the usual process of verifying election results. Pennsylvania’s governor, Democrat Democrat, announced on Tuesday that his state had verified the results and appointed representatives to the Electoral College.

Earlier this week, his campaign broke away from lawyer Sidney Powell after he accused Republican Georgian Governor Brian Kemp of being bribed by an election system company. Last week, tabloids and late-night television presenters teased Giulian, who was holding a press conference during which he sweated so heavily that hair dye seemed to drip on his face.

“It is in everyone’s interest to fully investigate electoral irregularities and fraud,” Giuliani said in a statement on Wednesday’s incident. “And the only way to do that is through a public hearing, supplemented by witnesses, videos, pictures and other evidence of the illegality of the November 3 elections.”

Pennsylvania State Senator Doug Mastriano said he asked for a public hearing because his state voters “lost their faith in the electoral system”.

“In recent weeks, I’ve heard from thousands of Pennsylvaniaers about the issues at the polls, the irregularities with the postal voting system, and whether their votes were counted,” Mastriano said in a statement. “We need to resolve these issues to restore faith in our republic.”

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