Trump DOJ plant expelled, harassed staff to prove election fraud: AP

The White House Justice Department plant has been blacklisted after putting pressure on staff to hand over evidence of election fraud, the Associated Press reported on Thursday, citing three people familiar with the case.

Heidi Stirrup, a key ally of Stephen Miller and senior political adviser to President Donald Trump, has been appointed White House liaison to the department this fall.

Stirrup was told he would leave the Department of Justice sometime in the past two weeks after officials “learned of insider efforts to gather information about ongoing cases and the ministry’s work on election fraud,” the AP reported, citing the three people.

Stirrup allegedly committed other misconduct in the Department of Justice, including senior department positions for the Allies without White House approval.

The Department of Justice and the White House did not respond immediately to Business Insider’s comments.

The Department of Justice has largely listened to Trump’s baseless allegations that the U.S. election was a fraud. There is no evidence of widespread voter fraud, and Attorney General Bill Barr said Tuesday that neither the Department of Justice nor the FBI found evidence to substantiate the president’s allegations.

Trump and his allies have filed at least 32 lawsuits against the election results and have so far won none.

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President Donald Trump.

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Stirrup was one of Trump’s many helpers, who were deployed to various government agencies in September by Mark Meadows, White House chief of staff, and John McEntee, chief of staff, CNN reported.

The other was Joshua Whitehouse, who was moved from the Department of Homeland Security to the Department of Defense, Foreign Policy wrote.

Last week, Whitehouse sent a directive removing 11 of the 13 members of the ministry’s Defense Policy Board. Officials told Foreign Policy that the purpose of the clean-up was to make room for new loyalists to Trump.

In June, the White House deployed two political operatives to the Center for Disease Prevention and Control to monitor its director, Robert Redfield, on an ongoing basis.

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Stirrup is still technically employed by the Department of Justice, the AP said, but Trump nominated him on Thursday for a role on the U.S. Air Force Academy’s visitor board.

Prior to being sent to the Department of Justice, Stirrup was Acting Director of the Asylum Resettlement Office and White House Deputy Liaison to the Department of Health and Human Services.