Trump doubles election fraud charges in Pennsylvania when Biden begins transition

President Trump has doubled allegations of voter fraud in Pennsylvania through a telephone call from the Oval Office that was routed to a hearing in Wednesday’s Senate after the Republican death in the Nov. 3 election.

“These elections have been rigged and we cannot let that happen to our country and we need to reverse that. We’ve won a lot in Pennsylvania and we’ve won a lot of all states, ”Trump said at the meeting Trump asked the president’s campaign legal team.

A surprising call from the Senate Majority Policy Committee at the Gettysburg Hotel came a day after Pennsylvania confirmed Joe Biden’s 80,000 vote victory in the state and the U.S. General Services Secretary secretary released federal funds allocated to Biden. -Harris transition.

Although Trump’s attorneys lost dozens of election challenges in the state’s state and federal courts and were punished by federal judges for failing to provide evidence to support their claims, Pennsylvania GOP lawmakers continue to question the November 3 election results.

Their main issue was the widespread use of postal items, which were promoted as a security measure during the pandemic. The extension of postal voting was part of the October 2019 voting reform of Act 77, which passed overwhelming Republican support. The Pennsylvania Republican Party actively supported postal voting in favor of a “strong chain of custody and other significant supervisory protection”.

State Senator Kim Ward, R-Hempfield, the elected head of the Senate majority, was among Wednesday’s board members who questioned so-called irregularities in the election.

“We were inundated with calls and messages as well as social media. People don’t feel good about the process, ”Ward said, calling for a place for Trump’s team to explore all the way.

The State Democrats quickly rejected Giulianit and the GOP-led hearing.

Senate minority leader Jay Costa, D-Forest Hills, called the trial a waste of taxpayer dollars and a pinnacle of hypocrisy.

“If Senate Republicans want to entertain conspiracy theories on the part of Rudy Giuliani and gather Donald Trump’s defeated presidential candidate, they have to do it according to their own time and time – not the taxpayers,” Costa said. “Our process was safe and our counting was accurate: a weekly counted counting that made today’s hearing even more unfit.”

But Ward, an avid Trump supporter, said he was concerned about how the process took place in Philadelphia and that a court order was needed to gain access to viewers who were dismissed as insufficient.

“It was a travesty that should never happen, and we should probably close that,” he said.

Deb Erdley of the Tribune-Review. You can contact Debsz at 724-850-1209, [email protected] or Twitter .

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