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Trump Hanoi Hail Mary failed

He needed a victory and distraction when he held a home-based congressional hearing in which exclusive Michael Cohen's lawyer painted a destructive picture of the president's character, and accused him of Wednesday.

Once, Trump's attempt to counteract was unsuccessful when the Kim Jong Un summit broke out without an early gap. The North Korean initiative, on which Trump played a huge political capital, questioned.

The President was embarrassing and disappointed to anyone who understands the devastating war of the Korean Peninsula and wants to see the confrontation of the world's last Cold War with history.

Washington's decision to offer Kim an equal bill with the world's strongest man – an invaluable propaganda coup – is now questionable at two major summits and Trump's full improvisation and ego-centered negotiation style.

Criticism is the Trump Engineering Summit with North Korea, as the big photo options seem insignificant after Hanoi's journey. The "art of business" of diplomacy came again empty.

Are you undercutting yourself?

The President's repeated affirmation, for example, that he was not a "rush" to get a deal, could underestimate his own negotiating strategy.

Trump tried to stop the collapse of the summit, saying Kim agreed to stop the missile and nuclear tests.

"It wasn't a walk as you get up and out," Trump told reporters about the end of the peak, "Trump said.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo pointed out that the United States wanted the North Koreans to "do more" to show that they were sincere to give up their nuclear weapons program and rejected Kim. It can be stated that the United States played a hard ball when he finished the meeting when he did not get what he wanted and refused to raise the penalties before a major descent occurred.

The failure of the summit does not require an immediate disaster. Negotiating with a separate and complex system like the Pyongyang system will always be awkward. President Trump, who was unable to end his nuclear threat – and the current Commander-in-Chief extended the status quo, is a much better scenario than the war leading to war, which was an opportunity when Trump-threatened anger in North Korea .

The president failed to fear the fear of many foreign policy experts and some of his own officials that he could give impulse to Kim after suddenly freezing US-South Korean military exercises at his last meeting in Singapore – a move that shocked his own military leaders.

Trump imitators react

Trump's conservative cheerleaders, including Sean Hannity from Fox News, who raised a supportive question at the president's press conference, quickly tried to summit Trump and a great victory.

Hannity arrived at President Ronald Reagan, who completed the summit in 1986 in Reykjavik with Mikhail Gorbachev, when the Soviet leader ended a US plan for a space system.

On this occasion, the US and the Soviet nuclear arsenal agreement was on the table. But there is no sign of a similar breakthrough anywhere near Kim. And an unresolved historical debate was still astonished whether Reagan was wrong.

Perhaps Trump, who is confident and unpredictable, can speak of the only president who can make contact with mercury Kim and eventually make Americans safer.

However, this option must not hide the serious problems of the failure of the Hanoi Summit, which is about Trump's North Korean approach and, generally, diplomacy.

The President climbed twice on the Air Force One board, flying for a day to get to Asia and showing Kim the international validation that coincides with the US President.

On both occasions, Kim reached for a pocket to win home for propaganda after giving no concrete. There was no obvious progress towards declassification.

The two sides do not yet share the common definition that Trump acknowledged at the press conference.

Trump's insistence on giving away nothing cannot hide the American President's still staggering glimpse of a man who regulates as a despot, isolates his people and is hungry and leads the Gulags.

"There is a certain vision, and this is not exactly our vision, but it is much closer than a year ago, and I think we will finally get there," said Trump.

The President, unbelievably, seemed to let Kim seize the death of the former US host, Otto Warmbier, who returned home from a prison in a coma that had never been created.

– He felt bad. He felt very bad, Trump said. – He says he doesn't know about him, and I'll grab him.

The work of the spade

Leading the Trump-Kim Hanoi Summit

In terms of the outcome of the summit, public administration must now be doubtful whether the lack of progress is worth investing in Trump's personal prestige and time for future meetings. Officials have to work out whether the carrot of a direct presidential commitment needs more commitment from Kim.

One of the critics of the President may be that the heavy burden of the North Korean breakthrough is much more complicated than the progressive predictions made about the progress made before flying to Vietnam.

His approach – that alone with his allegedly masterful negotiating ability – promises only the most complicated diplomatic debate in the world – now looks exposed.

For most months before the high-stakes geopolitical talks, lower-level discussions prevent the president from being embarrassed on the world stage, and that the investment has a good return.

This does not seem to be the case. There is no evidence that the President has been forced by his team to close down with the notorious hard negotiators in the north.

"This refers to a lack of preparation," said Joseph Yun, a former US Special Representative for North Korean politics.

"Usually, the summits involve so much work at work. We are actually at a summit and an agreement is a definite conclusion," said Yun, who is now a CNN global affairs analyst. "This time we saw very little preparation and worry."

Even Trump seems to be reassessing whether it would be wise to meet Kim again without agreeing on performance.

He left Vietnam without committing himself to a third summit.

"We'll see this happen," he said.

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