Trump has already played the 2024 race, including the event of Biden’s inauguration

In the dim light of his presidency, Donald Trump discusses various ways to break the upcoming Joe Biden era, including by announcing another race against him.

According to three people familiar with the talks, the president, who refuses to admit he lost the 2020 election, which he obviously did, spoke not only to close advisers and confidants about the possible 2024 run of the White House recovery, but to launch a campaign. The talks looked, among other things, at how Trump could best time his announcement to keep the Republican Party behind him for the next four years. Two of these knowledgeable sources said the president had also raised the idea in the past two weeks that an event in 2024 should be implemented in Biden’s inaugural week, possibly on inauguration day, if his legal efforts to steal the 2020 election fail in the end.

The president and some of his closest associates have already begun a survey of prominent donors to understand who would be with him, or possibly against him, if he chose to run in the 2024 elections. Some of the top Trump allies told The Daily Beast that they would do everything they could to remain in the good mercy of the president, which they calculated would contribute to getting a seat at the table and the party’s future – in case he started again.

Trump’s prediction of the future running of the White House is, on the one hand, an implicit recognition that he sees his own current legal efforts as long shots, and, on the other hand, reflects an inherent desire to maintain political power and public attention.