Trump has raised $ 207.5 million since election day combined with the Republican Party.

Even in his defeat, President Trump continued to raise money at one of the fastest rates of the year, raising $ 207.5 million in the month since Election Day with the Republican National Commission as he sparked unfounded fears of election fraud and made unfounded demands to undermine it. the legitimacy of the election.

Mr Trump’s campaign apparatus continues to aggressively solicit donations under the guise of supporting his various legal challenges with the election of Joseph R. Biden Jr., but 75 per cent of the donations go to a new Political Action Committee set up by Mr Trump in mid-November and 25 per cent to He became a member of the Republican Party. Only if a donor donates more than $ 6,000 will those amounts go to Trump’s official “recount” account.

His campaign did not disclose details of how the $ 207.5 million was distributed, and the funds were distributed among the new PAC, paying off the campaign’s debts, the RNC and two committees run jointly by the party and the campaign.

“These huge fundraising figures show that President Trump remains the leader and energy source of the Republican Party,” said Bill Stepien, Mr. Trump’s campaign manager.

Mr. Trump, who did not officially recognize the 2020 race but resumed talking about the run in 2024, has repeatedly, virtually unsuccessfully, challenged the results in court.

In his statement, Mr Stepien added that the money “also positions President Trump to continue the fight to clean up the corrupt electoral process in many areas of the country and build on the profits of the 2020 elections to be recalled in 2022 based on a Senate majority. “

Thursday’s announcement was the last submission deadline for the Federal Electoral Commission’s 2020 competition, which runs from 15 October to 23 November. During this period, the RNC, Mr. Trump’s campaign, and their split committees totaled $ 495 million, campaign officials announced.

Early in the evening, only the RNC submitted its report, which showed it ended the period with $ 58.8 million in cash. As Mr. Trump disputed the results at several venues, the party spent more than $ 6 million on legal bills, $ 1.4 million on the Jones Day law firm, $ 1.3 million on King and Spalding, and more than $ 920,000 on Consovoy McCarthy.