Trump held a Thanksgiving event at the tiny desk, looks like the “SNL” skirt

  • President Donald Trump held his first press conference on Thursday since losing the U.S. election.
  • However, observers focused on Trump’s tiny table, not the baseless attacks on the U.S. election system.
  • Some have compared the situation to a 2017 “Saturday Night Live” sketch that used a similarly tiny desk as a punch to mock the president.
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President Donald Trump’s press conference on Thursday was the first since the loss of the U.S. election – but an unusually small piece of furniture stole the show.

After making a call with U.S. troops for Thanksgiving, Trump answered journalists ’questions about the election largely by stirring up baseless allegations of election fraud and clicking on a reporter in an instant.

However, many spectators seemed to be distracted by the tiny desk at which the president sat. Some likened it to a child’s desk and wondered if the images depicting it had changed (no).

#DiaperDon soon caught his attention on Twitter, and the president was likened to a child who was driven to a children’s table on Thanksgiving Day because he threw a tantrum.

The topic seemed to outrage the president, who accused in tweet a platform for “developing” completely false “trends that have nothing to do with what is really a trend in the world.”

Others have noticed strange similarities between Thursday’s press conference and the 2017 “Saturday Night Live” sketch that used a tiny desk as a punch.

Skit Alec Baldwin played a Trump who was seated at a child’s table to play with a toy, while Steve Bannon (Trump’s influential chief strategist at the time, portrayed as a Grim Reaper on SNL) worked from the Resolute Desk.

One Twitter user gave an explanation to the desk, noting that former presidents used it for photo operations while signing execution instructions.

Its size would help gather a crowd for the photography opportunities, but it seemed strange if the president sat alone.

It’s not clear why Trump used this desk to buy journalists ’questions instead of doing it in one of the White House’s information rooms.