Trump holds tense meeting with Barr after DOJ statement finds no widespread election fraud: reports

President TrumpDonald John Trump Federal Guard Accuses VOA Parent Company of Trump Appointment Infringement had a tense meeting with the Attorney General William BarrBill Barr: The list of Republicans breaking up with Trump is getting longer having stated this week that the Department of Justice (DOJ) had found no evidence of widespread electoral fraud, ABC News and Reported by CNN.

Sources familiar with the case told networks that when Barr visited the White House on Tuesday to discuss in advance with the chief of staff Mark MeadowsMark Randall Meadows: Despite the threat of a veto, Congress is following the quarantine of the EPA’s defense bill after exposing it to someone who later gave a positive result to COVID-19. grace dispute MORE, Trump tried to talk to the Attorney General when he was there.

The meeting took place not long after Associated Press published an interview with him in what he said“To date, we have not seen any level of fraud that could have affected the different outcome of the election.”

A source told ABC News that the Trump-Barr conversation was “intense” but did not provide further details. ABC News first reported on the meeting on Wednesday.

Trump was asked about Barr’s camera remarks in the White House on Thursday.

He rejected Barr’s remarks, arguing that the Department of Justice did not look hard enough.

– He didn’t do anything, so he didn’t look. When you look at it, you see the evidence you now see in the Georgia Senate. They are currently going through hearings in Georgia and finding huge amounts, ”Trump told reporters at the Oval Office. – So, they didn’t look too hard. Which is a disappointment to be honest with you because it’s a huge fraud.

So far, there has been no substantial evidence that voter fraud has decided the election between Trump and the President-elect. Joe BidenJoe BidenLawsuit said 200,000 Georgian voters had been mistakenly removed from the registration list.

Barr’s remarks in an interview with the Associated Press were still remarkable as they broke the gap between him and the president, who refused to back down from his claim that the election was stolen from him despite losses in court. increasing calls from Republican officials to move forward.

Trump on Thursday declined to vote confidence in Barr.

“Ask me that in a few weeks.” They should look into this fraud, ”Trump said. “It’s not civilian. He thought he was civilian. This is not civil. This is a criminal thing. This is a very bad criminal thing.

The White House and DOJ did not respond immediately to the request for comments on the ABC and CNN reports.

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany declined at a press conference on Wednesday that Trump and Barr had spoken since the AP interview and that Trump still trusts his attorney general.

Sources told both ABC News and CNN that Trump had privately expressed his anger against his chief prosecutor and considered dismissing him, although several advisers had suggested this. The Washington Post he first reported that the president was considering getting rid of Barr.