Trump ignores the facts by making incorrect “vote issuers” claims

WASHINGTON – At 3:42 a.m. the day after election day, President Donald Trump’s leadership in Wisconsin was suddenly damaged by the surge in the votes of President-elect Joe Biden.

As evidence of fraud, the President cited the Biden leap during a White House tape-recorded speech. “And to this day, everyone is trying to figure out where they came from?”

In fact, the change has long been explained. Votes came from letters cast in Milwaukee and 38 other towns, which were reported centrally and announced simultaneously. State officials were totally waiting for the sudden change.

Jim Steineke, the Republican leader of the National Assembly, says this is not surprising. “We knew exactly how many were out all day. Late reporting of them is NOT a sign of fraud,” he wrote on Facebook when they first made allegations that something had gone wrong.

Something similar happened in Michigan, ”Trump said in a speech Wednesday, complaining that at 6:31 a.m., nearly 150,000 votes were received during the” morning vote. ” “Suddenly, out of a lot of victories, I’m going to lose close competition. It’s corrupt,” he said.

But this was also explained, despite the fact that the president claimed that “no one knows anything about this.”

The Shiawassee County Electoral Officer erroneously added an extra zero to the Biden account, entering 153,710 instead of 15,371. A government official caught the error and corrected it within half an hour of the incorrect entry. Even if they had not done so, the mistake would have been discovered during the vote, election officials said.

According to NBC News’s summary, Biden won Michigan by more than 150,000 votes, a significantly larger difference than Trump’s own 10,704 voting advantage over Hillary Clinton in 2016.

In Arizona, the president said Wednesday: “Personal voters whose ballot papers generated error messages from spreadsheets were told to press a button that resulted in no votes being counted.” This is a reference to the claim that the use of Sharpie pens in Maricopa County resulted in ink bleeding and invalidation. Voters said they were told to use an override button to force the counting machine to accept the vote.

The lawsuit filing this claim was dismissed, and state officials said the use of pens did not result in the rejection of ballots.

President Trump also said that after the election, thousands of countless ballots were discovered in three Georgia counties, “and these votes were mostly Trump voters.”

That’s true, but it doesn’t prove fraud or corruption, officials said. And there were actually four counties, not three.

In each case, state election officials said county election workers did not upload data from the memory cards that were used to store the summary of the vote-counting machines. The contradictions came to light during an inspection ordered by Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, which Trump has repeatedly criticized.

Raffensperger acted on the basis of a Georgian law passed last year that required a race to be controlled after the general election and chose the presidential race for review. It was found that the memory cards contained a total of 3,601 votes for Trump and 2,170 votes for Biden, giving Trump a net profit of 1,431 in a state he lost by 12,670 votes.

While at least one poll found that many Republicans believe President Trump did win the election, his allegations of fraud could only have affected a small number of votes through court challenges.

Among the strongest critics of the Trump campaign allegations were two federal judges, both appointed by President Trump to the bench.