Trump literally calls voter fraud to “listen” while excited about private prosecution-ready prosecutors

One of the innate strengths of the presidency is the harassing pulpit it provides – the opportunity to make virtually any setting and turn it into a stage to showcase the great impact of the office.

On Wednesday, this setting was a cell phone placed on a speaker, placed near a microphone, spread out on a table in a conference room at a Wyndham hotel in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, over which Donald Trump repeated the long list. wild conspiracy theories about why he won the 2020 election when he didn’t.

“We need to reverse the election,” the president declared, saying the quiet part aloud. “We cannot let this happen to our country. And these elections need to be reversed because we have won a lot in Pennsylvania and we have won a lot in all these swing states. “

While there may have been a nuance of struggle in his voice, there are glorious times for the president, who has embraced the very bunker existence he spent months living Joe Biden. Trump hasn’t asked questions in weeks. He barely appeared in public. When he had it, it sounded so short and strange that it raised questions about the essence of it all. He claims to be fighting for the future of democracy. But the most tangible activity he engaged in was golf.

“Trump wants this to continue,” a senior administrative official said, describing why he is wasting resources on this campaign, the Republican National Commission and the government. “[Basically] everyone should be forged. “

And on Wednesday they did it for a brief moment. At the beginning of the day, plans emerged in the West Wing for Trump to travel to Pennsylvania in person to address what has been accused of “negotiating” the State Senate for election security and allegations of voting fraud. Giving a fine point, it became his Gettysburg, well, Gettysburg.

But he and his advisers suddenly confused these plans on Wednesday. Instead, he literally called in, leaving attorneys Jenna Ellis and Rudy Giuliani to appear.

The event was held a day after Pennsylvania confirmed that elected Democratic President Joe Biden had won the state, presented as a “public hearing” on the Trump team’s baseless allegations of massive “irregularities” and “frauds” that tore Pennsylvania into Biden. . By the time Trump called, several “witnesses” offered hearings, personal anecdotes, and context-free data to show what they considered a huge effort to spread hundreds of thousands of votes to Biden. Turning to the crowd on Ellis’ intercepted cell phone, the president cheered them up and added his own thoughts about a fictitious universe in which he was the winner.

At one point, it turned out that someone else was trying to reach Ellis over the phone – the subtleties of incoming calls interrupt the president’s monologue. Ellis didn’t give in to the temptation to check who was on the other line. The caller went to voicemail, which was another victim of the post-election season.

Trump himself didn’t seem to notice. In his ready-to-talk conversations with Fox News, he spoke of “if you were a Republican pollster, you were treated like a dog” and rejoiced at Giuliani’s every effort to prevent the inevitable Biden inauguration in January:

“This will be your coronation,” Trump said, “because you will save our country.”

He hid his face behind a mask with the inscription “You’re not alone,” Giuliani sat at the table, fiddling with the papers and the manilla folder in front of him. There was no dye dripping on his face this time. There is no sweat on his forehead to wipe it off. His body language seemed to a man as if he had really lifted the atta boys he had received from the president and the crowd.