Trump officials are holding the first “Warp Speed ​​Operation” briefing for Biden

Wednesday’s scheduled one-hour meeting was chaired by Erica Schwartz, an official in the career health department responsible for transition. Attendees included Brian Harrison, HHS Chief of Staff, Paul Mango, HHS Deputy Chief of Staff, and the logistics operation at Warp Speed. expert Paul Ostrowski and experts from the Center for Disease Prevention and Control, according to people familiar with the agenda.

The health department confirmed the meeting.

“HHS is committed to smooth, professional transition planning and gave a first presentation to RADM Schwartz, HHS Director of Career Transfer, members of the Biden Agency Review Team, Warp Speed ​​Operation Project Managers and Brian Harrison, HHS Chief of Staff, “The spokesman told POLITICO.

Biden’s advisers and allies attacked the Trump administration for days for failing to keep the interim briefings.

“Biden has assembled a world-class advisory group on COVID and vaccination,” former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said last week. “Without transition, they will not have access to government information, government personnel to plan for the possible introduction of the vaccine, and that will come into effect.”

HHS secretary Alex Azar said this week that his team is working “immediately” on sharing the materials.

The transition will be made “taking into account the health and well-being of the American people, and saving lives through the Covid-19 pandemic in particular.” he told reporters on Tuesday.