Trump pardons a turkey named Corn at the annual ceremony

President Trump gave a traditional pre-Thanksgiving “grace” to a turkey named Corn on Tuesday, while covertly stealing his former defense secretary, telling participants in the Rose Garden event that the nation must retain America’s “first” attention.

“We send our love to all members of the armed forces and law enforcement heroes, risking their lives to keep America safe and America’s greatness. And as I say, “America first,” you shouldn’t leave it – America first! ”Trump said.

This remark was a clear setback before former Secretary of Defense James Mattis, who wrote in a Monday description that he hopes elected president Joe Biden will “quickly review his national security strategy to make‘ America come first ’from its content.

The president threw it in the trash hours earlier, tweeting, “That says it all about Mattis. Obama fired him. I should have fired sooner. He did his best job after he left. The most esteemed general in the world! “

Trump uses the term “America’s First” for his dislike of wars and the deployment of troops that he says are not in the interests of the United States, as well as his opposition to trade, which he considers unfair.

Trump has largely strayed from telling jokes in traditional turkey grace, instead telling the story of the U.S. and celebrating the expected distribution of vaccines to end the COVID-19 epidemic.

“During this Thanksgiving, we express our eternal gratitude to the doctors, nurses, health workers and scientists who fought the Chinese virus, and we thank the vaccinations and therapies that will soon put an end to the epidemic,” Trump said. whereas the Food and Drug Administration is preparing for a meeting on 10 December to review Pfizer’s vaccine candidate.

“It’s just such a huge feeling to know they’re coming in, probably starting next week or not long after,” he added.

Trump, who recently set up a commission to promote “patriotic” education, shared the story of the holiday with a smaller-than-usual socially isolated crowd.

“This year, our nation commemorates the 400th anniversary of the pilgrims landing on Plymouth Rock. After arriving in the new world, the brave men and women of Mayflower experienced a bitter and dangerous — very, very dangerous — winter, many were sick, most of them hungry, and all praying for a miracle. Fortunately, God listened to their prayers, ”Trump said.

First lady Melania Trump (R) watches US President Donald Trump give Turkey National Thanksgiving
MANDEL NGAN / AFP via Getty Images

“America has always been a history of perseverance and triumph, determination and strength, loyalty and faith since its earliest days. This week is very unusual, but in many ways a very, very good period that we have experienced and been able to endure with the vaccinations that are now appearing one after the other. An incredible thing happened. The greatest medical results this planet has ever seen. “

He added: “It’s time to remember that we live in a big, big country, the biggest of them. And nothing near me. All Americans can unite in their thanksgiving to God for the incredible gifts He has given us. “

Prior to the event, Trump’s three grandchildren joined Ivanka Trump’s first daughter and husband, Jared Kushner, in greeting the turkeys.

The president reached out to the big white-feathered bird in the corn after he was “pardoned” with him at the annual meat industry event. A turkey named Cob is also spared from the dining tables.

Trump authorized the start of a formal transition to Biden’s administration on Monday.

Insiders close to the White House tell The Post that Trump, apart from turkeys, can pardon people this year as well for the holiday season.