Trump raged against the election results for 46 minutes in a new video

President TrumpDonald John TrumpTrump refers to the 2024 case in the White House, noting that Trump is vetoing the defense bill for technical liability protection He raged for 46 minutes over voter fraud in a pre-recorded speech he posted on Facebook on Wednesday, unfoundedly claiming to steal the election from him, and falsely claiming to have triumphed in the lost battlefield states.

In his speech, the president reiterated a number of conspiracy theories and false election allegations he made on Twitter in recent days, while questioning how the elected president Joe BidenJoe BidenTrump refers to a possible 2024 remark by the White House. Tiger King’s lawyer believes they are close to Trump Cruz’s pardon. it could have won more votes when some non-voting Republicans exceeded expectations.

Trump did not provide evidence for his allegations, but said his campaign provided all the evidence needed to refute the results in dozens of court cases lost since election day.

The president raised a conspiracy theory about the voting machines that would switch from Trump to Biden, said there were “millions” of illegal votes in the booming states, questioned how much aggregate votes from the liberal areas could have gone for Biden, and said the the counting of votes should have stopped on election night before the ballots were counted.

“If we don’t root out the huge and horrible fraud that has happened, we no longer have a country,” Trump said.

The president is becoming increasingly isolated in his unwillingness to accept the election results.

Attorney General William BarrBarr broke up with Trump over allegations of fraud. Barr examines lawyer investigating the origins of Russia’s case as separate lawyer, who said Barr said the DOJ had not uncovered widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election said on Tuesday that there is no evidence of systemic corruption that would change the outcome. Barr and other Republican lawyers say there is some voter fraud in every election, but they have seen no evidence by the president and his allies to support wild allegations of systemic corruption.

The Trump campaign has lost cases in the courts with arguments aimed at nullifying the vote of democratic citadels.

Elected Republican officials in Georgia, where Trump became the first losing GOP presidential candidate since 1992, are threatened with violence and called on the president to soften his rhetoric.

Led by a small group of loosely connected attorneys, Trump’s personal attorney Rudy GiulianiRudy Giuliani’s lawyer for Tiger King believes they are close to receiving pardon from Trump. Trump talks about possible grace discussions with three eldest children, Kushner: report MORE warms up on Trump’s self-mercy talk and conservative activists like Sidney Powell and Lin Wood are holding their own rallies to arouse suspicion and anger among the president’s supporters ’base.

Trump authorized the General Services Administration administrator to allow Biden to begin the transition process.

But there are no signs that the president will ever accept the result of the election or try to unite a divided country on his trip.

“We’ll show it, and hopefully the courts, especially the U.S. Supreme Court, will see it, and respectfully, hopefully do what’s appropriate outside the country,” Trump said. “Our country cannot live with such elections.”

In his video, Trump wanted to raise suspicions about the letter polls, saying Democrats took advantage of the pandemic to send out millions of ballots, which were then illegally handed over to Biden as a voter, using the names of dead people or illegal immigrants.

“Such a huge extension of postal voting has opened the door to huge scams,” Trump said.

“Dramatically weakening the integrity of the election was the Democrats’ number one priority for a simple reason: they wanted to steal the 2020 election, ”he added. “Democratic efforts to expand postal voting have laid the groundwork for regular fraud in these elections.”

The president said it would have been impossible for Biden to overcome the shortcomings he faced in some states after personal ballots were counted, even though Biden encouraged his voters to vote by letter and Trump warned Republicans to vote in the letter. until election day.

According to Trump, in liberal democratic cities, the vote should be thrown out because Republican pollsters have been shut down or because some have claimed to have witnessed alleged irregularities.

He said there were “dozens” of counties in the swing states where there were more votes than people, which is fake, and that plenty of Republicans showed up to vote, but were told they couldn’t do it because someone else used their letter vote.

And the president has repeatedly listed the highlights of the vote for Biden late at night or early in the morning, saying the aggregation of reported votes may not be real.

The president said he could not understand how some resigning Republicans could win their elections but not their own.

Trump says this must be because of Dominion Voting Systems ’machines, which were the subject of conspiracy theories by Powell and others who said the machines were hijacked by the Communists.

“Under my leadership, Republicans have won almost every state house in the United States that we shouldn’t have expected,” Trump said.

“It is statistically impossible that the person who led the indictment was lost,” he added.