Trump raised $ 1.7 million from Michiganders to overthrow the election, but most of the donations go elsewhere

In the month after election day, President Donald Trump raised at least $ 1.7 million from Michigan residents through deceptive cash calls that were supposed to reverse the election result.

Trump continues to aggressively raise funds while challenging the verified election results in Michigan and other battlefield states that President-elect Joe Biden has won. A review of the campaign funding submission by Nov. 23 shows that Michigan residents have donated $ 1.1 million specifically to the Trump Make America Great Again Committee, a joint fundraising effort by the Trump campaign and the Republican National Commission.

Trump has raised a total of $ 207 million since election day, but much of the cash doesn’t fund the outgoing president’s legal attempts to overthrow the election. Brendan Fischer, director of federal reform at the Campaign Law Center, said the funds were used primarily to pay off debts for the 2020 campaign, while only about $ 14 million was spent on legal and recount costs.

“It seems very unusual to me that the incumbent president uses these types of tactics,” Fischer said. “Of course, there are examples of candidates or political parties that use inflammatory fund-raising appeals, but I don’t remember a single case where the appeals would have been so misleading. The request asks for money to support post-election lawsuits, but the fine print shows that the money is actually for Trump’s post-White House political aspirations. “

The Trump Make America Great Again Committee’s fundraising calls refer to an “election defense fund,” but the fine print explains that 75% of the donations go to Save America, another political action committee Trump set up on Nov. 9. This applies to donations. Up to $ 5,000, which means most of the small dollar donations will be diverted by Trump’s efforts to overthrow the election.

Forty percent of Michigan donations to the Trump Make America America Again Again Committee were under $ 100. Campaign funding announcements said $ 66 million was transferred to other committees on November 23rd.

Trump Save America’s PAC can be used to support other political candidates, pay for travel expenses, and fund events and rallies. Fischer said the lead PAC allows Trump to donate donations to personal expenses that the FEC does not allow for campaign donations.

The president and his supporters are urging fans not to give up the possibility of a second term, despite a number of lawsuits failing in Michigan and other states. Trump announced on Wednesday that he is joining a lawsuit filed by the state of Texas asking the Supreme Court to overturn election results in Michigan, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

“These huge fundraising figures show that President Trump remains the leader and energy source of the Republican Party and that his supporters are committed to fighting for the legal and legal outcome of the 2020 general election,” said Bill Stepien, Trump’s 2020 campaign manager. statement. “He also appoints President Trump to continue to lead the fight to clean up our corrupt electoral process in many areas of the country and build on the profits of the 2020 elections to get the house back and build on the 2022 Senate majority. . “

Emails and SMSs sent to supporters urgently voice the need for resources “to protect results and continue fighting after election day”. Fundraising calls are also asking for donations to support the recount, which the Trump campaign was looking for in Georgia and Wisconsin, but not in Michigan.

Trump lost Michigan by 154,000 votes, according to the verified election results of the State House of Representatives and bipartisan bodies in each county. The state’s 16 voters will vote for Biden on Dec. 14.

“Everything Pres Trump has achieved is on the line on January 5,” reads a text sent Tuesday, noting that Congress will vote a day before approving the Electoral College’s result. “The future of our nation is in your hands.”

Between Nov. 4 and Nov. 23, Michiganders made donations to other Republican organizations, including $ 382,501 to the RNC, $ 211,178 to Trump’s campaign committee, $ 44,000 to Trump’s victory, and $ 7,932 to save America.

Dave Kopin, a retired Flint resident, said he donated to Trump the day after the election to support his “election defense fund”. Kopin said he wouldn’t mind if all the missing ballot papers, even his own, were made unreliable because of the president’s unfounded allegations that postal items were prone to fraud.

“I’m not that religious, but I think God showed up when Donald was elected and he has no chance to finish what he started,” Kopin said Tuesday.

Trump’s supporters continued to organize rallies that focused on the unbelievable claim that his loss was caused by a choreographic voter fraud program. Several Republican lawmakers and conservative activists have repeated allegations of fraud at a demonstration near the Michigan Capitol on Tuesday.

Connected: Minor Mistakes Are Not the Same as Voter Fraud, Former Senate Electoral Director of the Senate Says

Meanwhile, the Senate Oversight Committee heard testimony from election officials who disputed the challenges of Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani, and Republican pollsters. Outside the Capitol, Kevin Daley, R-Attica State Senator, acknowledged the ongoing hearing as he addressed the audience at the rally.

– We didn’t back down; we are looking at these elections and Democrats need to be just as excited to make sure this is a real election as we Republicans are, ”Daley said.

When Daley left the stage, he came across “do your job” songs. Trump’s supporters have tried to push the legislature to ignore the election result and nominate voters to vote for Trump instead.

According to Giuliani, lawmakers have constitutional authority to change Michigan voters, although state laws require voter votes to go to the candidate who gets more votes.

Secretary of State Beth Griffin, R-Portage, assured the audience that “at this time we will learn about our roles and what the Constitution says and what we can do”.

“We’re watching the evidence that emerges,” Griffin said. “We appreciate it. We see the evidence. We’re talking about it today and I can’t tell you everything, but I promise you: we’ll hear it.

The Women for America First Conservative nonprofit group organized the meeting as part of a national bus tour sponsored by My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell and conservative media networks. The broadcasting network on the right presented promotions of My Pillow products during the online coverage of the event.

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