Trump runs before judges when another court rejects his lawyers’ allegations of voter fraud | US Elections 2020

A day after Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court pronounced a lower court order that prevented the state from verifying the results of the U.S. November 3 election, Donald Trump blew up the judges ’decision.

Saturday’s case – which tried to throw out 2.5 million letters in votes in a critical condition – in a recent lawsuit that failed dozens of former Trump lawyers, the judges accused his lawyers of failing to present evidence of fraud.

As states certify the results, Trump has a dwindling way to compete for the election as Joe Biden continues preparations for his January 20 presidential inauguration and takes the team into his administration.

Since losing his Democratic rival to the presidency on Sunday, the president has called Fox News on Sunday to blame the courts for the hitherto unsuccessful legal challenges of his campaign, which is based on a number of widespread conspiracies that have widespread voters. fraud.

– We won’t allow the certificate. They say he is not standing. , ”Trump told Fox’s Sunday Morning Futures.

“We have evidence, we have hundreds and hundreds of statements,” Trump added, noting that “he is suing a nice, big, nice lawsuit” without disclosing details about the lawyers with the alleged “huge evidence”.

In the 20 days since polls ended, Republicans and Trump campaign officials have relied, without evidence, on some states to allow voters to vote after election day.

His interview came after weeks of legal challenges from the Trump campaign in battlefield states, including Pennsylvania, where the underlying lawsuit was launched months after the law allowed Pennsylvania’s annual postal voting law to be challenged.

Following Saturday’s defeat, the federal appellate court ruled on Friday to dismiss a separate dispute over the Pennsylvania outcome and backed a district judge who likened the president’s lawsuit, full of evidence and errors, to “Frankenstein’s monster”.

The president’s legal team, led by former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, also called for a recount in states like Georgia, Wisconsin and Michigan, claiming that the counting machines were set up in an elaborate system in which the Justice Department was still in charge. both the FBI and the federal state were accomplices in the judicial system.

But neither statement is true. In fact, Trump’s own legal team has never formally challenged election results in any state court on the basis of well-founded fraud claims.

According to the Washington Post, as a final step, lawyers are included in the campaign, which describes – Trump’s legal counsel is increasingly “confused.” A close consultant told The Post that Trump was like “George King is crazy,” walking around the White House, muttering, “I won. I won. I won.”

Meanwhile, Milwaukee County completed the recount and confirmed its findings on Friday, barely ten days after the Trump campaign filed a recount request there and to Dane County, the state’s two democratic citadels with a large black population.

After nearly 400 innumerable ballots were found, Biden actually increased his victory margin – gaining 125 additional votes for the president with 257 additional votes. As soon as Dane County confirms its findings, the state will move forward in the final certification process.

In response, Trump said on Twitter that the recount was not about finding errors in the addition, but about “finding people voting illegally” – again citing unbelievable conspiracies that his campaign “found a lot of illegal votes”.

The outgoing president has yet to enter the 2020 election, even when newly elected President Biden announces the cabinet’s appointment and agenda for the first 100 days of his office.

After Biden crossed the 80 million voting threshold – more than 6 million voting advantages – Trump demanded that Biden prove that the votes he received in the election were not “illegally obtained”, which no winning official would have to do before he could officially take office. .

According to figures or reports based on anonymous official sources, Trump is considering participating in the 2024 presidential election, including a Daily Beast report that he is thinking of announcing his campaign at the time of Biden’s inauguration.