Trump says “mass justification” of Pennsylvania voter fraud, “many illegal votes” in Wisconsin

President Donald Trump claimed to have “huge evidence” of voter fraud in Pennsylvania and found “many illegal votes” in a tweet series in Wisconsin on Saturday afternoon.

The Trump campaign has triggered a number of lawsuits in states it lost in the election against elected president Joe Biden, many of whom have been fired.

Trump spoke vaguely about what evidence he had and criticized people who rejected his challenges to the election results.

“Specific allegations have been made and we have huge evidence in the Pennsylvania case. There are those who just don’t want to see it. They don’t want to do anything to save our country. It’s sad,” he tweeted.

According to the Associated Press, Biden defeated Trump by 81,660 votes, but in his tweets on Saturday, the president indicated he was challenging much more than that. He also said he plans to appeal. “Much of the case is about fraud and illegal cases. The documents are ready. We will appeal,” he wrote.

The U.S. Court of Appeals in Pennsylvania on Friday dismissed Trump’s lawsuit, using language similar to the one Trump later used in his tweets. “The allegations of injustice are serious. But calling the election unfair doesn’t make it that way. The awards require concrete allegations and then evidence. None of us here,” the opinion said.

The opinion also said the allegations made in the Trump trial were “vague and convincing.” He also noted that challenges cannot overturn elections. “The number of ballots he specifically distributes is far less than the roughly 81,000 votes difference. And he never claims that fraud or that illegal voters cast their votes,” the opinion said.

In another tweet, Trump seemed to be referring to the recount in two Wisconsin counties, where his campaign paid $ 3 million for a partial recount in Dane and Milwaukee counties. As previously reported, Milwaukee County has completed its recount, increasing Biden’s advantage by 132 votes. Dane County is expected to complete the census on Sunday.

Even though the recalculation slightly increased Biden’s advantage, Trump’s tweet shows he didn’t care. He wrote that it was not a matter of exposing the errors of the count, but of illegal votes. He said his team would present evidence of illegal voting on Monday or Tuesday after the recount was completed.

Immediately after Saturday at midnight, Trump quoted and tweeted Pennsylvania Senator Doug Mastriano, who tweeted a controversial allegation about more postal votes than were sent. Trump wrote that more than a million votes “came from the air.” He claimed that indeed he was the winner in the state of Keystone. “The Pennsylvania votes are RIGGED. All the other swing states are,” he tweeted.

The Trump campaign press contact did not respond Newsweeksent the comment by email at the time of publication.

President Donald Trump will make a statement to the White House in the press on November 24th. In Saturday’s tweets, he claimed “huge evidence” of voter fraud in Pennsylvania and “many illegal votes” in Wisconsin.
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