Trump suddenly irrelevant, Biden steals the Thanksgiving spotlight calling for unity

It’s hard to believe, but in a few weeks the commander-in-chief became irrelevant.

Donald Trump, the former president of reality TV star, has always known how to draw attention, but recently his successor, Joe Biden, has been directing attention.

While Trump continued his fruitless legal challenges, Biden spent the Year of Thanksgiving giving an optimistic speech to the nation, which had to show striking differences from the past four years.

“LIfe is back to normal wheel cutting, I promise you,” Biden said. “This (epidemic) will not last forever. I believe that the grim season of division, of demonization, gives way to a year of light and unity. “

Biden’s speech — full of the usual stops, starts, and incorrect pronunciations — was hardly inspiring, but was broadcast live on cable networks. One of Biden’s cable network sympathizers seemed unsure of the speech, saying it was just “wow” in the end. It’s blowing.

“We want solutions, not shouting. Rationality, not hyperpartism, ”Biden declared to the president with an indirect shot.

He can hardly blame Trump for being angry at Biden’s different treatment four years ago.

Trump can no longer expect networks to live his speeches, and it should be frustrating for him to watch Biden’s presidential candidate before the former vice president is inducted. Trump received some attention at the mercy of Michael Flynn, but that was not enough attention.

Biden, acknowledging that Americans are “in a long, cold winter,” tried to turn to a more hopeful tone — even promises he couldn’t keep up against the rapidly spreading coronavirus epidemic.

“From the first day of this presidency, we will be taking steps that will change the course of the disease,” Biden said.

The president-elect has not provided details on how he will accomplish this amazing transformation, but we assume it will mean more warnings about face masks and social alienation – things that are now being practiced without the virus showing an apparent dent.

“I think he always deserves a hearing of the truth, a hearing of the truth from this president,” Biden said, taking a tacit contrast to Trump.

“None of these steps we are asking people to take is a political statement. Each is based on science, on real science. “

He added, “It will take time. I hope the news of the vaccine provides an incentive for all Americans to take these simple steps to gain control of the virus. There is real hope, tangible hope. So wait … This Thanksgiving, anticipating the coming Thanksgiving, let’s dream again.

Yes, let’s dream. But it’s not the president who pulls it out of the pandemic – it’s the brilliant scientists who develop the vaccine under Trump’s supervision.