Trump threatens a defense veto over protecting social media

WASHINGTON (AP) – President Donald Trump threatens to veto a defense policy bill unless protection for Internet companies that protect them from being held accountable for material published by their users is lifted.

On Tuesday night, Twitter targeted section 230 of the Communications Fairness Act 1996 on Twitter, which protects companies that can receive trillions of messages from being forgotten by those who feel they are being abused by someone else – regardless of whether or not their complaint is legitimate. no.

Trump posed Section 230 “a serious threat to our national security and electoral integrity,” adding, “Therefore, if the very dangerous and unfair Section 230 is not completely abolished as part of the National Defense Licensing Act (NDAA), I will be forced to clearly VETO let the bill be. “

Trump has been at war with social media companies for months, claiming to be biased against conservative voices.

In October, it signed an instruction to executive agencies to ask independent rulemaking agencies, including the Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Trade Commission, to see if they can introduce new rules for companies.

Since losing the presidential election, Trump has flooded the social media with unfounded allegations of voter fraud. Twitter tagged many of these Trump tweets with the advisor: “The allegation of election fraud is controversial.”

Tuesday’s veto threat is another potential hurdle in the adoption of the annual defense policy measure, which is already spitting over military bases named for Confederate officers in Congress. The measure, which has been in place for 59 years, is on a bilateral basis, guiding Pentagon policy and cementing decisions on troop levels, new weapon systems and military preparedness, military personnel policy, and other military purposes.