Trump threatens more lawsuits, but court challenges are at a dead end

“The Trump campaign’s current demand to set aside millions (or ‘potentially tens of thousands’) of legally cast votes – without a single plausible factual claim to support this extraordinary request – must be rejected quickly,” Allegheny, Philadelphia , Representing the counties of Chester and Montgomery.

The case before the Third District Court of Appeal appears to be proceeding at a rapid pace, with the parties only having 24 hours to present their arguments.

And if the decision goes against the president – as there must be more than two dozen verdicts so far – Democrats believe one of the few doors left for Trump in the 2020 presidential race will close.

A series of decisions made over the past week suggest that Trump’s legal efforts may soon be ruled out. On Monday, the Trump campaign and its allies lost cases in the Supreme Courts of both Michigan and Pennsylvania. Wendy Weiser, director of the Democracy Program at the Brennan Justice Center, said she can only draw one conclusion from the decisive Michigan decision that rejected Trump’s pollists ’efforts to stop the election from being vested in the state.

“The main deduction is that this state court effort to prevent certification has reached its final unsuccessful shutdown,” Weiser said. “It’s over.”

Over the weekend, a U.S. district court judge in Pennsylvania dismissed a Trump campaign case in federal court handled by Trump’s longtime ally, Rudy Giuliani. The decision was emphatic, outright rejecting the attempt to force the court to cancel millions of postal items.

“Tense legal arguments were filed with the Court without merit and speculative allegations, were not included in the operational complaint, and were not supported by evidence,” Judge Matthew W. Brann wrote. “In the United States, this does not justify the disenfranchisement of a single voter, let alone all voters in its sixth most populous state. Our people, our laws, and our institutions are demanding more.”

Philadelphia lawyer Mark Aronchick, who disputed Giuliani, said he would wait for the appellate court’s opinion before he could declare any legal victory in the legal battle.

“On the rooftops, I say the American public should be extremely proud to have an independent judiciary,” Aronchick said. “We operate under the rule of law, not the soapbox rule from the entrance to the Four Seasons Landscaping.”

One person who doesn’t seem to believe the legal battle is over, President Trump. In a series of tweets in recent days, the president and his allies have called for continued efforts to challenge the election results in court. The president said in a late-night tweet that his team was “moving forward at full speed.” On Tuesday morning, he promised to “soon” launch a big “lawsuit.”

At a strange 90-minute press conference last week, Giuliani also teased a new submission, saying “we’re going to start a big lawsuit in Georgia. It’ll probably be filed tomorrow.”

This lawsuit has not yet come and the campaign has not been present in the courtrooms in Georgia for weeks. The only case of the campaign in the state occurred the day after the election and was quickly rejected.

Despite Trump’s tweets, his team’s efforts in the courts were relatively quiet. The campaign has not launched a new lawsuit since Nov. 18, and lawsuits filed in the days following the election are almost over. Of the 19 election cases submitted by the campaign, 15 judges have already been rejected and rejected, or the campaign has been withdrawn because it does not provide any relevant evidence of voter fraud to support its public demands.

Only three cases remain slightly active. In addition to the ongoing appeal before the Third Round, the campaign will also have a Michigan case untouched during the appeal. The case was dismissed as “erroneous” by the court due to an inadequate submission and the issue was never remedied. Another, in Nevada, has not yet been decided, but legal experts have told ABC News that the case is unlikely to affect the state’s vote count.

Meanwhile, several states, including Pennsylvania and Michigan, have made progress and validated their election results. This did not change the messages in the Trump campaign.

“Certification by government officials is simply a procedural step,” Ellis, Trump’s senior legal counsel for the campaign, said in a statement Monday. “We will continue to fight election fraud across the country as we fight to count all legal votes.”

Aronchick told ABC News that Democrats will respond if Trump’s team continues to go to court to change the election result.

“I wouldn’t do anything to Mr. Giuliani to figure out if there are other ways to file other types of frivolous claims,” he said. – And if they do, we’re ready for them.