Trump threatens to veto the defense bill for technical liability protection

President TrumpDonald John Trump: Geraldo Rivera doubts Trump about sowing election results: ‘Enough now’ Murkowski: Trump must admit White House contest on Tuesday night, vetoed the defense bill if it does not include the withdrawal of the legal shield of internet companies and drops the latest gloves over a mandatory transfer law.

Trump’s warning was directed at Section 230, which protects technology companies from third-party content posted on their platforms and allows them to make efforts in “good faith” to mitigate the content. The president and other Republicans have argued that social media companies use the law to unfairly censor conservatives.

“Section 230, which is the protection of responsibility provided by the United States to Big Tech (the only company in America – corporate prosperity!), Poses a serious threat to our national security and electoral integrity. Our country can never be safe and secure if we let it stand, ”Trump tweeted.

“Therefore, if the very dangerous and unfair Article 230 is not completely abolished as part of the National Defense Licensing Act (NDAA), I will be forced to put a clear VETO on the bill when I send it to the very nice Resolute counter. Take America back NOW. Thanks!”

The risk of veto raises further questions about the future of the NDAA. Trump has already threatened to veto the bill over a provision that obliges the Pentagon to remove Confederate names from military bases and other property.

Both the House and Senate versions of the bill contain the provisions, although the House House requires an amendment within one year, and the Senate Bill removes the authority of confederate names within three years. The provisions received bipartisan support after national protests over systemic racism following the police shooting of unarmed black Americans.

The White House last month proposed to the House of Democrats that it could withdraw its opposition to the provision if the NDAA included the repeal of section 230. Tuesday’s tweets were the first time Trump threatened to veto repeal legislation.

Democrats poured cold water on the prospect of using the defense bill to kill Section 230 in November, and a Democratic aide said “it is very unlikely that this offer will gain any attraction,” referring to the White House’s proposal to abandon it. the veto threat of Confederate names.

“The idea of ​​repealing Section 230 of the Defense Bill altogether? The committees of the competent courts will have something to say about this,” said the chairman of the House’s Armed Services Committee. Adam SmithDavid (Adam) Adam SmithCongress is preparing for a chaotic year-end sprint against Trump in Twitter in late-night tweets. The pandemic and the “rainy day fund” for U.S. charities MORE (D-Wash.) He said last month. – I don’t think that’s the way out of this.

Many lawmakers on both sides of the corridor have sought to repeal paragraph 230, as technology giants could be held accountable for what they believe is a failure to check for harmful content online. However, Trump and his allies used the law as a caress to access platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, which they said was a political bias against the Conservatives, a claim that provided little evidence.

The president has stepped up his criticism of Silicon Valley in recent weeks when social media companies have flagged unfounded entries for allegations of widespread voter fraud that have been rejected by the court and rejected by some congressional Republicans.