Trump urged a veto on the omnibus spending bill; The House GOP calls it an example of ‘swamp policy’

EXCLUSIVE: A Republican group on Wednesday urged President Trump to veto a $ 1.4 trillion omnibus bill discussed in Congress as an example of a “swamp policy” in Washington.

The letter, signed by 14 Republicans, including Andy Biggs of Arizona and Texas Chip Roy, describes the measure as a huge “take it or leave it” bill negotiated behind closed doors that expands the government to a record level well above the 2011 baseline, and funds unnecessary or even harmful federal programs. “


Negotiations between congressional leaders are expected to resume on Thursday in order to reach an agreement on the huge spending bill and prevent the government from stalling, as well as a separate coronavirus stimulus package.

“I hope tonight … we’ll agree on the omnibus,” Steny Hoyer, head of the majority of the House, D-Md, told reporters on Wednesday. But lawmakers ended negotiations without a deal.

According to Fox News, although the omnibus spending package is in “good” condition, political issues remain – meaning that another weekly spending bill may be needed after Friday’s deadline to avoid a government weekend shutdown.

Fox is told that the $ 900 billion crown virus relief package is set to be on top of the $ 1.4 omnibus to create an bill with a price tag in the $ 2.3 trillion range. But such legislation will be huge and it may take time for lawmakers to get acquainted with the bill and get votes.

Republicans say the omnibus would significantly increase public debt and blame House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in part for the bill, arguing that the measure “fully funds the schedule rejected by the American people” – highlighting the fact that most of Pelosi shrinks in the house . in the November elections.

They also take note of President Trump’s remarks in 2018 that he said he would “never sign such a bill again” when he signed an omnibus spending bill.

“This bill promises to be even bigger, exemplifying all that is wrong with swamp policy in Washington,” lawmakers said.

Republicans object to both the cost of the legislation, arguing that the government should work to find savings, given that the federal government is also allowing the promotion of COVID-19, and what it contains.


“Supporting this is funding an education system that doesn’t educate our children while teaching them that America is evil,” they wrote. “This is a vote to fund subsidies for states that operate a badly shattered electoral system; a vote to fund a health system that empowers insurance companies to the detriment of hard-working Americans; it is about underfunding border security and empowering cartels; a vote to continue the war without that there would be a debate and much less a vote for new AUMF uniform for men and women, this vote to fund Planned Parenting Life, and many other votes to send money to state and local agencies that perpetuate downtime that is destroying our way of life.

“Our country will be better off vetoing this consolidated budget bill for the fiscal year 2021,” the president was told.

Fox News Chad Pergram and Caroline McKee contributed to the report.