Trump vetoes defense before defense licensing bill before leaving office

President Donald Trump has once again warned Twitter on Sunday to veto the annual defense licensing law, despite the measure winning an overwhelming majority in both the House and Senate. In one of his morning tweets, the president wrote, “OUR NEW DEFENSE ACCOUNT IS A VERY WINNER OF CHINA!. I VETOZOM! ”

The president had previously threatened to veto the binding bill. In particular, he insisted that legislators attach the repeal of section 230 of the Communications Fairness Act 1996, which protects social media companies from liability for entries on their platforms. The demand came at a time when Twitter and Facebook were late in signaling the president’s false and inflammatory content, particularly as regards the loss of Joe Biden and false allegations of election fraud. In essence, the president seems to be renewing his vow to obstruct national security because he is angry at what people are free to say about him and his election humiliation on the internet.

The bill passed between 84 and 13 in the Senate on Friday and between 335 and 78 in the House last week. With Trump threatening to veto the $ 740 billion bill, Trump has forced GOP lawmakers to choose between a new demonstration of feality given to him by not overwriting his veto and giving him another loss before he leaves office in January. .

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